All You Want to Know about “The Waltons”


The Waltons was a TV arrangement that depended on the book Spencer’s Mountain by Earl Hamner Jr. Exactly when you couldn’t envision love the characters any more, it turns out Earl based the characters off his very own family. Duke Hamner Jr. was conceived in 1923 and experienced childhood in mining town of Schuyler, VA, when the Great Depression hit.

He was the most seasoned of eight children and his different kin were James, Willard, Paul, Cliff, Audrey and Marion. Lord Sr. lost his employment when the New Alberene Stone mine shut during the 30s and after that functioned as an engineer in another town, getting back home to his family on the ends of the week. Like his character on the show, Earl’s dad delighted in chasing, drinking and reviling. Lamentably, he passed away before the show turned out.

Lord’s mom, Doris Hamner, was a religious lady who might truly keep the light on until the last tyke was securely in bed for the evening. She broadly engaged fanatics of the show in their home, serving them tea and recounting accounts of her youngsters. The home the family lived in had hardwood floors, trim blinds and a Jenny Lind bedstead.


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The Life & Times of The Waltons

In 1972, The Waltons touched base in the homes of America in a period that apparently ought to have spelled disappointment for a demonstrate that oozed family esteems and healthiness. America was reeling from it’s contribution in the Vietnam war, embarrassment in the Whitehouse and common defiance. Well known shows at the time were Prime-time talk and theatrical presentations and ‘All in the Family’ was establishing the pace for forefront TV. Notwithstanding that, ‘The Waltons’ debuted and rapidly fabricated a crowd of people which went on for 9 seasons, 6 motion picture specials and a spot in our aggregate awareness that has gone on for over 40 years.

Gathered here is a fortune trove of materials that subtleties all that you would ever need to think about the show … to say the least. Return for a second aiding whenever, there’s consistently space for another at the Walton’s table.

What's happining now with - The Waltons

It’s Coming! The 2019 Walton Reunion! The “Eternity Friends of The Waltons” debut end of the week and the Grand Opening of John and Olivia’s Bed and Breakfast Inn in Schuyler, VA!

The Walton Hamner House in Schuyler VA. is EXCITED to declare that you would now be able to book reservations at John and Olivia’s Bed and Breakfast Inn beginning on November first 2019 NOW! John and Olivia’s Bed and Breakfast Inn steps you once again into a less complex time simply like the Walton family lived during the 1930’s. Accumulate around the radio for some bygone era family amusement. Present day civilities like TV are concealed in every room when you simply need at bit a greater amount of the cutting edge world. No visit to Schuyler VA or the Blue Ridge Mountains would be finished without remaining at the home like the one that gained Earl Hamner’s experiences of experiencing childhood in Virginia acclaimed the world over. Experience the bygone era family esteems that makes enthusiasts of the famous TV show rush to Virginia in the thousands to encounter for themselves. Presently you can encounter life simply like ‘America’s preferred family’ by remaining in a Walton roused, discouragement time Virginia home.


The Cast


John Walton
John Walton is the father of 7 children and the current care taker of his family’s settled land “Walton’s Mountain” located in the ficticious Jefferson county near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. He is a self described heathen who has no time for organized religion yet made no qualms about marrying the the prettiest girl in the Baptist choir. He dreams of building a home for his wife Olivia up on the mountain but it is a dream never to become reality. Although he has provided for his family, mostly through the income he generates from his lumber mill, he has from time to time ventured to the city to find work. In the end he has always chosen to return back home to where he belongs. John is prone to fits of rage but he is always fair in his dealings with family and neighbors. Although he has made various attempts to involve his sons and expand his business, he has always allowed them the freedom to choose their own path.

Ralph Waite
Born: June 22, 1928
Died: February 13, 2014

Prior to becoming an actor Ralph earned a master’s degree from Yale University Divinity School and was a Presbyterian minister and religious editor at Harper & Row in New York City before deciding on a career in acting.

Prior to being cast as John Walton, Ralph was cast in Cool Hand Luke and Five Easy Pieces. Ralph has had a number of plum parts in movies since the end of The Waltons including The Bodyguard and Cliffhanger. Since 2009 he had played the recurring role of Father Matt on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives. He also played Booth’s gradfather on Bones and had a recurring role as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) father on NCIS. In August 2012 he reunited with Michael Learned in the Victoria Playhouse production of “Love Letters” in Petrolia, Ontario.


Olivia has also suffered a few health related issues. In “The Easter Story” (s1-ep24) she is stricken with Polio; in “The Milestone” (s6-ep12) she becomes distraught from the effects of menopause; in “The Parting” (s7-ep15) Olivia begins the recovery process from tuberculosis and leaves Walton’s Mountain to recuperate in a sanitorium the first of two absences.

Olivia Walton
Olivia Walton is the no-nonsense baptist mother of 7 children and the loving wife of John Walton. She grew up in Alberene, Virginia under her maiden name, Daly. Olivia cares for her children’s moral fiber and does her best to protect them from loose moraled visiters and the evils of alcohol. Although she regularly persists as getting her husband to attend church and be baptised “The Baptism” (s5-ep4) she affords him the right to choose his own path. Olivia has struggled at times to grow beyond her domesticated life.

In “The Bicycle” (s1-ep22) she buys a used bike in order to gain a sense of freedom which motivates her to sing in the church choir again; she spreads her wings for a bit on a short birthday airplane ride in “The Air-Mail Man” (s2-ep13); she takes up art classes and painting in “The Romance” (s3-ep5); she becomes a substitute school teacher in “The Sermon” (s4-ep1) and “The Emergence” (s4-ep9); in “The Test” (s4-ep20) she works as a seamstress but turns down a lucrative promotion to stay with her family; in “The Rebellion” (s5-ep13)she gets a perm which results in a makeover disaster.

In “The Innocents” (s8-ep4) she helps build a daycare for the working, war time mothers at Pickett’s Metal Products; in “The Waiting” (s8-ep9) she volunteers with the Red Cross to be closer to her oldest son John-Boy who is recovering from war injuries in the hospital; in “A Walton Wedding” (Special#5) Olivia attends Boatwright University to earn a degree in American studies; in “A Walton Easter” (Special#6) she has become a full-time school teacher.