‘Bones’ Star Michaela Conlin Teases Big Shift for Angela and Hodgins

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Ok, in my opinion, it is NOT the relationships(To me, they do not make a difference.), on the show, that keeps us coming back, and wishing we were on it, as well, it is the specific cast members, that we love to see the most(For me, obviously Michaela Conlin, obviously, she is HOTT!), and the stories, that link them together, how it is written. Basically, the best shows, are those, like the Gormagon episodes, and the other episodes, that revolve around Christopher Pelant, and also the 3 episodes of the Jacob Broadsky set, where he is the sniper, that was in the military, with Booth, and ends up killing the “Gravedigger”(AKA Heather Taffet), from a very long distance, and I believe, it is the drop at the end of the episodes, where we know there is more to go, to finish it, but, we just have not seen it, yet. I believe THAT is the reason we keep coming back, and especially with Jack Hodgins goin down, now, we are just REALLY wishing to know, what is going on, now, since he is a huge person in the show, kinda like Bones & Booth, where he is like a major part of it, so, maybe this helps ya understand why they have such a huge cult following(And yes, I am a part of it, for multiple reasons, kinda like we did, when we were kids, with the “Saved By The Bell” show, from the late 80’s/early 90’s…). Not to mention, we all have a thing for either Bones(Emily Deschanel), Booth(David Boreanaz) or Angela(Michaela Conlin)!
Pookie Noodlin ❤️
She is the heart of Jeffersonian <3
Michaela is such a sweetheart! Love her.
I named my daughter Michaela ❤❤❤
My brother has marry Angele in real life
First and do you guy’s ever take a break?
how does hoddgins en up in a wheelchair

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