Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together

Despite how they ended or how they began there were a lot of perfect couples on the show and a lot of couples that made no sense at all.

Downton Abbey had many romances over its six seasons. Many ended in heartbreak – let us never forget that each of the Crawley grandkids has one dead parent – but there were some happily-ever-afters. There was also a lot of scandal. Remember Mary’s first fling dying in her bed? Or Mr. Bates’ estranged wife turning up murdered?

But, despite how they ended or how they began, there were a lot of perfect couples on the show and a lot of couples that made no sense at all. And then there is Cora and Robert who, at times, was a lovely couple, and at other times made you want to tear your hair out. Which is why they’re not on this list.

Make No Sense: Mary and Henry

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together

After Matthew died in the third season, it seemed that Mary might never fall in love again. How could she ever find someone as perfect for her as Matthew was? But she started dating and had all sorts of suitors from Tony Gillingham to Charles Blake to poor Evelyn Napier whom she never looked at twice. But none of them were quite right.

When Henry Talbot entered the scene, he seemed perfect. He was dashing and handsome and witty. But there was no chemistry there. The show tried to convince the audience that they were passionately in love, but the truth was they both had more chemistry with Tom than they ever did with each other. Her friends and family kept telling Mary that they were perfect for each other, but Mary’s instincts may have been right all along.

Perfect: Tom and Sybil

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together

Some of the best characters complement each other and make each other better people. Tom and Sybil were a great example of this. When Tom is first introduced he’s an Irish socialist keen on overturning the status quo. Admirable and necessary ambitions, but he was all sharp edges and brash outbursts. Sybil was sheltered and desired more out of life but didn’t know what. Sybil helped soften his sharpness and encourage his long-term goals, while he encouraged her nursing career and let her know that a life outside of Downton could be fulfilling in different ways.

Sadly, their time was cut short with Sybil’s death during childbirth, but Sybil’s influence stayed with Tom and helped him create his place within the Crawley family.

Make No Sense: Daisy and Alfred and Ivy and Jimmy

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together

This obviously wasn’t just a couple as there are four people involved, but they were each trying to become a couple and none of it worked out. Daisy was in love with Alfred who was in love with Ivy who was in love with Jimmy who was in love with himself. And though there were some successful dates and dances, nothing really stuck. A lot of it was because all four of them acted insufferably towards each other.

And spare a thought for the real victim of their constant couple switching – poor Mrs. Patmore. More than once she had to tell them to stop mooning about each other and get to work. It must’ve been exhausting and she’s a hero for not sacking the lot of them.

Perfect: Mary and Matthew

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together

Mary did not make the best impression on Matthew upon their first meeting. He could tell she was a snob who looked down on a lawyer who was going to inherit her estate and family fortune, not considering that he wanted nothing to do with it. And Matthew made a pretty bad impression on Mary, as she overheard him complaining that it was likely they would try and marry off one of the Crawley girls to him.

But once they got to know each other, they were perfect for one another. Loving Matthew softened Mary considerably and toned down her snobbery. Mary made Matthew believe in himself and taught him that owning an estate like Downton was a duty and an honor, not a burden. It took years for her to truly get over his death, and that’s not a surprise.

Make No Sense: Tom and Sarah Bunting

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together

The first woman Tom was interested in after Sybil died was Sarah Bunting. She had a lot in common with him, with their socialist political views and their stations in life. Both were not servants, as he was Downton’s estate agent and she was a school teacher. And they both believed the world needed to change.

But Sarah was awful. When she was invited to Downton for dinner as the Crawleys wanted to get to know her, she was rude and condescending. And when saying she doesn’t like the type of people the Crawleys are (i.e. Aristocrats), Tom reminds her that he loves them. But it’s not something they can get past, so thankfully she leaves town.

Downton Abbey: 5 Actors You Forgot Were On The Show

Downton Abbey: 5 Actors You Forgot Were On The Show

The cast of Downton Abbey was numerous and vast, but here are 10 now-big names that you probably completely forgot were on the series.

Downton Abbey is probably the most popular period drama ever made. Its blend of likable characters, exquisite set design, and all-around grandeur is an infectious concoction for viewers looking for that old-world charm in their entertainment.

But, for all its popularity, a lot of TV viewers might have forgotten how many big names in film and TV made appearances on the series. From the main characters to the supporting cast, there are a ton of actors who joined the ranks of the cast that many of us completely forgot. Here are the biggest names who made appearances on the British series.

Lilly James

Downton Abbey: 5 Actors You Forgot Were On The Show

While she might have been a mainstay for multiple seasons, fans might have forgotten that Lilly James was on the series. James has become quite the name thus far in entertainment, playing roles in Disney’s Cinderella and Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver.

James played the sweet and kind cousin to the Crawley family, Rose. Rose was a lighthearted youth who brought a ton of life back into the show after the death of Sybil, daughter of Robert and Cora. If it wasn’t for her long-standing role on Downton Abbey, Lilly James might not have become as big a name as we know her to be today.

Charles Edwards

Downton Abbey: 5 Actors You Forgot Were On The Show

You might not know Charles Edwards by name exactly, but you’ll recognize his face to be sure. This British actor has made appearances all over the place, in series both large and small. In Downton Abbey, Edwards played Michael Gregson, the fallen lover and late fiance to Lady Edith Crawley.

Though he was in the series for a short time, his presence continued to be felt through his daughter Marigold. Edwards can be recognized for his work as well in series like The Crown. Here he can be found playing Martin Charteris, the Baron Charteris of Amisfield. Here he played the courtier to Queen Elizabeth.

Dan Stevens

Downton Abbey: 5 Actors You Forgot Were On The Show

Ok, perhaps you do remember Dan Stevens. Stevens played Matthew Crawley, heir to Robert and future lover and husband to Lady Mary Crawley. Sadly, Stevens didn’t last nearly as long as he could have, leaving the show and being killed off in a car wreck.

Stevens has since gone on to some major projects. He has lead the FX X-Men series Legion, earning a ton of critical praise in the process. He also starred as the Beast in the remake of Disney’s classic animated film Beauty & The Beast. Without leaving the show, he never would have been able to pursue these career highlights.

Penny Downie

Downton Abbey: 5 Actors You Forgot Were On The Show

Penny Downie is one of the most talented and recognized British actresses in the business. Apart from her film career, she has held a fantastic theater career as well. In fact, she was in the much-lauded production of Hamlet alongside David Tennant, playing his mother Gertrude.

But, she also held a brief role on Downton Abbey. Here she played mother to Rose’s betrothed, Lady Sinderby. She played quite the foil to her husband, refusing to allow him to ruin the chances of Rose and her son. Her support allowed the two to marry without too many hiccups in the process.

Iain Glen

Downton Abbey: 5 Actors You Forgot Were On The Show

Iain Glen is known by many in the film and TV community for his roles in many science fiction, fantasy, and comic book series. He is probably best known for his role in Game of Thrones as Jorah Mormont. He can also be found in the DC Universe series Titans playing a matured and weathered Bruce Wayne.

If you forgot though, he also played a suitor to Lady Mary in Downton Abbey. Glen played the role of Richard Carlisle, a mean spirited snob who nearly forced Lady Mary to marry him. Luckily, Mary refused and went for Matthew, leaving Carlisle in the dust.

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense (But Never Got Together)

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense (But Never Got Together)

In Downton Abbey, romance bloomed on both the upstairs and downstairs. We rank shipworthy couples that should have been together forever.

PBS’ hit series Downton Abbey tackles a lot of issues, from historical events to class relationships to the speed of social progress. Arguably though, the series is far more concerned with one thing: romance. So much of the series is a big game of “will they won’t they?.”

Obviously, there was the central struggle for Lady Mary to find a proper suitor, but this was an issue for a lot of characters. Throughout the series, whether they were an aristocrat or a servant, there were many near-romantic connections that could have lead to full marriage.

Lady Mary & Charles Blake

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense (But Never Got Together)

To get some of the obvious ones out of the way, we need to talk about Lady Mary. So much of her character progression is about her struggle to find a suitable husband to assist in running the estate. One relationship that could have turned into something more was that between herself and Charles Blake.

Blake worked for the government, assessing the full cost of running giant historical estates such as Downton Abbey. Although the two came from fairly different worlds, there was a definite connection there, and their contrasting views would have made a great team when it came to running the house.

Tom Branson & Miss Bunting

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense (But Never Got Together)

Tom is one of the more tragic characters of the show. He comes from a country whose identity is threatened by imperialists, and he falls in love with the daughter of that same system. His entire identity and purpose are always put into question.

One person who challenged him and could have really suited him was Miss Bunting, the village school teacher. Her similar “radical” viewpoints matched his, and the two really could have left Downton behind for a life that was more true to the two of them.

Lady Edith & Patrick Crawley

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense (But Never Got Together)

At the beginning of the series, the heir to Downton, Patrick, was said to have perished in the sinking of the Titanic. This set off a chain of events which brought Matthew Crawley into the picture and changed the entire course of this family.

So to have him supposedly reappear as a disfigured veteran during WWI was a bit of a shock. If he really was Patrick, he and Edith could have made a perfect match. Edith seems to attract tragedy, so marrying the once heir to her father fits the bill nicely.

Harold Levinson & Madeleine Allsopp

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense (But Never Got Together)

One of the biggest guest stars to appear in the series was Paul Giamatti as Harold Levinson, brother to Lady Cora. Harold visits London during a Christmas episode and is courted into a proposed union with Madeleine Allsopp.

Their early meetings don’t go so well, as Levinson is a bit of a maverick in this world of aristocrats. His blunt personality isn’t enough to successfully garner a marriage, but the two certainly had a chemistry that could have grown into something more.

Mrs. Patmore & Mr. Mason

Downton Abbey: 5 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense (But Never Got Together)

Mrs. Patmore remains one of the most beloved characters of the whole series. Her blunt attitude and wit served her well as one of the foundational members of the cast. Sadly, romance was never fully in the cards for the character.

While she almost was engaged, she turned that offer down and never again was heavily pursued. That being said, there was some semi-romantic chemistry between herself and Mr. Mason, father-in-law to Daisy. The pair would have fit together quite nicely.

Rick And Morty: 5 Best Celebrity Cameos

Rick And Morty: 5 Best Celebrity Cameos

Ricky and Morty is a hilarious Adult Swim cartoon. Something very funny about the show is its many celebrity cameos and parodies.

Season 4 of Rick & Morty has finally debuted nearly two and a half years after season 3 came to a conclusion and the two titular characters have picked up right where they left off, taking numerous sci-fi inspired adventures and running into countless other crazy creatures across the infinite number of universes.

There may still be five episodes left in season 4, but there have already been numerous guest stars throughout the first five episodes falling right in line with the previous Rick & Morty seasons which were abundant with celebrity cameos – and here’s our list of the 10 best that have appeared throughout the entire series.

Every Community Guest Star

Rick And Morty: 5 Best Celebrity Cameos

Dan Harmon may have found international success with Rick & Morty, but die-hard fans of the shows creator know that he also created the comedy Community, a sitcom centered around a group of misfit students at a community college.

Fans of the show have noticed several Community actors frequently popping up in Rick & Morty episodes, with key cast members such as Joel McHale, Jim Rash, Gillian Jacobs, and John Oliver having all made guest appearances throughout the years. That said, we’re still waiting for Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Yvette-Nicole Brown, Ken Jeong, and Danny Pudi to make appearances (probably can’t get Chevy).

Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele

Rick And Morty: 5 Best Celebrity Cameos

While it might be a cartoon, Rick & Morty is undoubtedly a comedy so it’s only natural that the show might bring in some guest stars who have experience with comedic television. Enter: Key & Peele.

The comedy-duo who had their own show on Comedy Central from 2012-2015 have taken the entertainment world by storm in the past decade and have popped up in dozens of movies and shows – including the season 2 premiere where they played 5th Dimension Testicle Monsters (you read that right). This entire episode was bizarre and Key & Peele were the only comedians who could’ve helped pull it off.

Alfred Molina

Rick And Morty: 5 Best Celebrity Cameos

Let’s just say that you don’t pay with money (followed by creepy, undertone cackle). Alfred Molina may not be the most recognizable celebrity on this list, but that didn’t stop the actor’s cameo from being hilarious as his character, The Devil, clashes with Rick over a variety of cursed items that he sells in an antique shop.

One of the few guest stars from the first season, Molina’s character is usually the smartest person in the room (he is The Devil, after all) and thoroughly enjoys getting the better of people – until Rick comes along and beats him at his own game.

Taika Waititi

Rick And Morty: 5 Best Celebrity Cameos

If you haven’t had the chance to watch any of season 4 yet, we’d highly recommend it – and not just because of some of the amazing guest star cameo’s the season has already had, including acclaimed director Taika Waititi. The filmmaker who gained international attention after his smash-hit, Thor: Ragnarok, plays an alien named Glootie who has an incredibly keen interest in getting somebody to help him develop an app.

However, Rick tattoos on the alien’s head that nobody should help him develop the app, which (of course) prompts Jerry to start helping Glootie immediately. We won’t give away the episode (there are actually multiple other guest stars in it) but we will recommend it.

Danny Trejo

Rick And Morty: 5 Best Celebrity Cameos

“Pickle Rick” is one of the most well-known episodes of the entire series (rightfully so) and it has two guest-stars that appear on this list, the first of which is Danny Trejo.

The actor plays an assassin named Jaguar, tasked with killing the pickle version of Rick when he accidentally breaks into a secure compound. This entire episode was ridiculous as it was brilliant, and the addition of Danny Trejo made it even better (especially with lines like, “this can only end with one of us dead – and I have never died,”).

Rick & Morty: The 5 Most Shameless Things Jerry Has Ever Done

Rick & Morty: The 5 Most Shameless Things Jerry Has Ever Done

Jerry is easily one of the most selfish characters in adult animated comedy Rick & Morty. These are his most shameless acts.

Rick and Morty is perhaps the hottest, currently running animated television show for adults. From the strange, philosophical meta-humor to the childish toilet humor, Rick and Morty is willing to go anywhere and do anything in pursuit of laughs. One of the more important characters in the show is Jerry Smith.

A somewhat pathetic loser of a dad, Jerry tends to be the show’s biggest foil. Often in pursuit of his own self-interests, Jerry makes mistakes that put his whole family in a heap of trouble. Here are the ten most shameless things Jerry has ever done in Rick and Morty.

Maniulating His Daughter

Rick & Morty: The 5 Most Shameless Things Jerry Has Ever Done

In the episode “Look Who’s Purging Now” it appears that Jerry is actually making an honest effort to get to know his daughter a little better. Summer rebuffs his attempts at conversation but later relents.

Jerry goes on to tell Summer how proud he is to be her father. It is truly a touching moment. That is until it is revealed that Jerry was merely manipulating Summer into loaning him some money.

Dating Kiara

Rick & Morty: The 5 Most Shameless Things Jerry Has Ever Done

After Beth decided to leave him, Jerry was on a desperate search for a rebound woman. He ended up settling with an alien warrior priestess known as Kiara. They met on an intergalactic dating website recommended by Rick.

Jerry carelessly begins the relationship with no regard for Kiara’s customs. It even goes as far as the two creating a “Soul Bond.” When Jerry later reveals he was merely using Kiara as a rebound, that doesn’t end very well.

Blaming His Children

Rick & Morty: The 5 Most Shameless Things Jerry Has Ever Done

With Kiara left furious by Jerry’s breakup attempt, he decides to deflect blame, which he is normally used to doing. Jerry tells Kiara that it was actually his children’s’ fault that they had to split up.

Enraged, Kiara hunts down Morty and Summer in hopes of killing them in order to save her relationship with Jerry. Although it was later revealed Kiara was using Jerry as a rebound as well, it is no less shameful that Jerry decided to put the lives of his children in danger.

Mr. Meeseeks

Rick & Morty: The 5 Most Shameless Things Jerry Has Ever Done

When Rick gifts his family with a Meeseeks Box, he couldn’t have possibly imagined how much of a problem that would become. All thanks to Jerry.

Jerry uses the many Mr. Meeseeks he summons to try and get two strokes off of his golf game. Selfishly summoning dozens of them and not even taking their input seriously, Jerry ends up creating a serious problem. The many Meeseeks end up holding a whole restaurant hostage because of Jerry’s incompetence.

Going Back On His Word

Rick & Morty: The 5 Most Shameless Things Jerry Has Ever Done

Jerry is notorious for making promises that he can’t keep. There is no episode that serves as a better example of this than “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate.” Although Rick and Morty spent the majority of the episode watching interdimensional cable, Jerry had a very interesting story arc.

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty’s Mind Blowers Memories

From tough choices to sinister squirrels, here are the 10 best memories in Morty’s Mind Blowers from Rick and Morty.
Rick and Morty is halfway through its fourth season but is currently taking a little break before any other episodes hit the air. That being said, the series about the universe’s smartest man and his idiot grandson has already produced three and a half seasons worth of comedic gold that audiences everywhere have fallen in love with.

Morty’s Montage

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

This wasn’t one memory, it was scores of them. At the end of the episode when Morty had already experienced over a dozen lost memories that Rick had zapped out of his brain, he began a montage clip by showing us brief glimpses of almost a dozen more erased memories.

The barely-there scenes included a cavalcade of freaky adventures or experiments that had gone horribly wrong and needed removing from Morty’s psyche, such as a dead-Santa, Morty getting his hand chopped off, a clever Ghostbusters reference, and many more.

Anything Magnet

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

Don’t lie to yourself – you would have done the exact same thing. Rick was never one to shy away from creating useful inventions that made his life infinitely easier, but the “Anything Magnet” is one of the best he’s ever come up with.

The invention does exactly what it sounds like it would do – you type in what you want and the magnet ‘attracts’ whatever you typed in, sending it flying your way. However, Morty saw his chance and took it and decided to type ‘girls’ into the device, resulting in a dozen females soaring into Rick’s garage. Rick must have deleted this memory because there’s no way Morty wanted it gone.

Morty’s Menagerie

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

We’re not exactly sure who was holding Rick and Morty captive, but it’s safe to say that the sentient being was not one to be messed with since it seemed to be keeping a sample of every other life-form in the universe as a pet.

Now, Rick was able to use his genius to worm their way out of it, but not before taking a risk and sending a coded message to a team of scientists on earth to save them – and then tricking them into staying behind in Rick and Morty’s stead so that the sentient being wouldn’t notice that anything was different. This memory was as cold as it was hilarious and we understand why Morty might have wanted this one gone.

Beth Picks Summer

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

If a parent has more than one child, they have a favorite. They’d never, ever admit it unless they were being threatened by an evil, space monster, but luckily most mothers don’t have to worry about that scenario. Unlucky for Beth, she’s the one mother who does have to worry about it since she and her children were somehow captured by what was most likely an enemy of Ricks.

The creature tells Beth that she must choose which of her children she’s going to save from death, and without a second of hesitation she blurted out Summer’s name, leaving Morty completely high-and-dry. Rick dropped in and saved the day, but damn, that was cold.

Morty’s Interrogation

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

Warning: the picture above is technically NSFW and should be blurred out, but apparently alien-genitalia is allowed to be shown on the internet with no consequences. It’s a good thing that this memory was erased from Morty’s mind because it would have given anybody nightmares for the remainder of their life.

Rick and Morty have some sort of slimy, alien tied to a chair as they interrogate him when Rick implies that Morty should grab, squeeze, and yank the sacks under the alien’s chin. Morty thinks that he’s torturing the alien, but it turns out that he was doing something very different as the alien begins to wiggle with erotic glee. This may have been hysterical, but yuck.

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind

It’s Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans don’t associate the TV comedy with romance, but we all have strong opinions about the couples.

But while romance is not usually seen in the series, it does have some compelling relationships. Some of these relationships work mostly due to how outrageous they are, while others are just too much to handle. Here are some of the relationships in It’s Always Sunny that fans have gotten behind and some they rejected.

Accepted: Frank And Artemis

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
Frank Reynolds is an incredibly disgusting human being. As the series goes on, he just seems to sink deeper into depravity. It’s off-putting to imagine him with anyone but he did seem to find a soulmate of sorts with Artemis.

Artemis is Dee’s uninhabited and dramatic friend who, like Frank, is capable of some truly gross stuff. Seeing these two together was not what you would call pleasant, but they do make a compatible match and a thriving sex life together.

Rejected: Frank And Gail

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
At a certain point in the series, Frank just decides to fully embrace his insanity. He realizes he isn’t getting any younger, so he sets out to get “real weird” with his remaining years. He quickly achieves that with this horrific romance with Gail the Snail.

Gail is Dennis and Dee’s grotesque and annoying cousin, which makes Frank her former uncle by marriage. If that isn’t enough to explain what’s wrong with this relationship, Gail is a disgusting human being herself. Their entire relationship will make you sick.

Accepted: Dennis And Jackie Dernardo

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
Though he sees himself as a seductive and attractive ladies’ man, Dennis Reynolds has revealed himself to be a complete psychopath. From his crazy temper to his disturbing system for luring women, Dennis is not someone capable of a healthy relationship. However, when it comes to Jackie Denardo, Dennis is surprisingly vulnerable.

Jackie is the local weather newscaster who Dennis becomes infatuated with. In person, she seems as thoughtless as most people on the show, but Dennis is just not himself around her. His confidence disappears and he becomes an awkward fool which is a good change for him.

Rejected: Dennis And Maureen

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
As Dennis the final step to the D.E.N.N.I.S. System proves, Dennis is not interested in a long-term relationship. So when he decides to marry Maureen Ponderosa, it’s clear that the whole thing is heading for disaster.

Maureen was a former high school girlfriend of Dennis and he finds himself oddly drawn back to her time and time again. But each time, Dennis quickly remembers her annoying quirks, off-putting habits and strange obsession with cats. Though it’s funny to watch Dennis making the same mistake over and over, it’s just uncomfortable seeing them together.

Accepted: Dee And Ben

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
Even though she is the only female of the Paddy’s Pub gang, Dee is as manipulative and selfish with her relationship as the guys are. That is most certainly the case with her sometimes-boyfriend Ben.

Ben is one of the few nice people who have appeared on the show. He is a kind-hearted army veteran and Dee walks all over him. While that might seem like a hard relationship to cheer for, the fact that Ben always ends up fine and Dee gets what’s coming to her makes it one of the more satisfying relationships on the show.

Always Sunny: 5 Times They Took Their Love Lives Too Far

Always Sunny: 5 Times They Took Their Love Lives Too Far

The Gang in Always Sunny in Philadelphia definitely have their romantic ups and downs… and it’s usually more down than up!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Danny DeVito and Kaitlin Olson as Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Frank, and Dee, respectively. This gang owns a bar, they are all pretty narcissistic, and each episode reveals them getting into some sort of trouble or being involved in some shenanigans.

Over the years, several of the plot points have centered around love lives, crushes, romances, and significant others. Based on their personalities, most of these moments did not go well and went too far (in the wrong direction). But there actually have been a couple of moves that were sort of smooth¡­ kind of.

Too Far: Dennis¡¯ Collection Of Recordings

Always Sunny: 5 Times They Took Their Love Lives Too Far
As anyone who has seen even just a few episodes knows, Dennis thinks he is a literal god, meaning, in his mind, he should be appealing and attractive to anyone and everyone. That being said, he has spent a great amount of time luring in women (and yes, it is usually as creepy as it sounds and usually involves him using the D.E.N.N.I.S. system). He even has a collection of videos, which show off everything that has gone down in his bedroom, and he is quite proud of all of this. Too far, Dennis¡­ too far.

Too Far: Mac Getting With Dennis & Dee¡¯s Mom

Always Sunny: 5 Times They Took Their Love Lives Too Far
Then there is Mac, who has had some interesting relationships over the years and who has finally come out of the closet. One of his worst moments in this category, though, was when he hooked up with Dennis and Dee’s mom, Barbara. Everyone knows that friends¡¯ siblings and their exes are off limits, so that makes parents super not okay to go after! He proceeded made it even worse by admitting it was the best he ever had and by then hitting on Barbara’s sister, Donna (aunts are off limits, too, dude).

Sort Of Smooth: Frank’s Pretty Woman

Always Sunny: 5 Times They Took Their Love Lives Too Far
As mentioned, Frank has been with many women over the years, including Roxy. He enjoyed spending time with her, he liked her unique sense of humor, and he decided to put a ring on it! When it came time for him to propose, though, she passed out and then passed away, due to too much of one of her extracurricular activities. Out of all of the women that Frank has hired to be with him, Roxy was his favorite (a big compliment), and who knows how things would be now, if they were married.

Too Far: Dennis¡¯ Artwork

Always Sunny: 5 Times They Took Their Love Lives Too Far
Despite how Dennis can be, he does have some good traits, including some creative abilities. However, on a couple of different occasions, when he has shown off his artwork, it has, well, gone too far; fans and his peers have seen animated-looking drawings of women with over-the-top features (and not just any features¡­ only one set in particular).

Even if he does find certain aspects of the opposite sex more enticing than the rest, he does not have to have this outlook on bodies and appearances, nor subject people to all of this crude behavior!

Too Far: Frank Sharing TMI

Always Sunny: 5 Times They Took Their Love Lives Too Far
Despite being the oldest and the parent of the group, Frank Reynolds sometimes gets into the most trouble on this show! He was once a successful businessman, but after spending some time with The Gang, he started picking up more and more bad habits. He has been with a whole slew of women, in a variety of different ways, and it almost always leads to not-so-great moments. He also seems to enjoy telling people what size of protection he wears (or what size he wishes he could wear, when it comes to alone time with a special someone).

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 5 Best Episodes

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 5 Best Episodes

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time so here are the top episodes according to IMDb voters.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time. The show is currently in its fourteenth season with no signs of stopping any time soon. It’s come a long way since it began and yet the concept stays the same.

We get to watch our favorite gang of dysfunctional characters do terrible things and be awful people every day. We’re taking a look back at the top ten best episodes of Always Sunny according to IMDb.

CharDee MacDennis: The Game Of Games

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 5 Best Episodes
The gang decides to invent their own high-stakes board game and it’s completely ridiculous and hardly makes any sense. But it does involve the team-up of Charlie and Dee versus Mac and Dennis.

The game became incredibly popular with reproductions even being sold in real life to diehard fans of the series. It features a timer, three levels, and lots of drinking. The game would be visited later on in the series too as a new favorite past time.

The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 5 Best Episodes
After the gang gets snubbed yet again for “Philadelphia’s Best Bar” Award they go to extreme lengths to figure out what they should do to win next year.

The episode is particularly humorous because it serves as a metaphor for the series never winning, or even being nominated for, an Emmy Award despite being on the air longer than most other comedies. It also includes a musical number and some of the best in-jokes and meta-references in the series.

Sweet Dee’s Dating A R*Tarded Person

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 5 Best Episodes
The title of this episode is certainly not politically correct, nor should it have probably been used at the time, but it remains a standout episode of Always Sunny. The main reason people still love this episode so much is due to how it highlights the best part of the show.

These are truly awful people. Everyone gets to be in their terrible glory as they attempt to find out if Dee’s new rapper boyfriend has a mental illness or not. Dee is as oblivious as ever to everything.

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 5 Best Episodes
When you look at the most-quoted episodes of Always Sunny, “The D.E.N.N.I.S. System” will surely rank near the top. Many people love this episode due to how crazy it is Dennis would think his system is an acceptable way to talk to women.

There is also the entire running joke through the series and in the fandom that Dennis may be a serial killer and his system lends a lot of evidence to that. Again, one of the best parts of the comedy is laughing at the gang and how ridiculous they are.

Time’s Up For The Gang

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 5 Best Episodes
Surprisingly for a show of this nature, they always seem to handle super-sensitive topics well. The show has tackled an array of political topics and buzzwords from racism to abortion so it was not at all shocking when they did an episode on the Times Up movement.

As usual, the gang handles a sexual harassment seminar in the only terrible ways they know how to. Dee is actually the person who takes the entire thing the least seriously. The episode does a great job of getting in some real criticism at the toxic culture of Hollywood and sexism while still being hilarious.

It's Always Sunny: 5 Most Disgusting Things Frank Has Ever Done

It’s Always Sunny: 5 Most Disgusting Things Frank Has Ever Done

The characters on It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia do some pretty awful things, but Frank Reynolds just might be the worst one of them all.

The gang of Paddy’s Pub from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is filled with characters who are capable of pretty awful things. But the eldest of the group, Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) is by far the most disgusting of them all. Despite being a wealthy and successful businessman when he joins the gang, Frank soon embraces a dirty and depraved lifestyle, becoming worse with each new season.

Those his antics are always hilarious, some of the things Frank does are so disturbing they can be hard to watch. With no signs of improving his lifestyle at all, we’re sure to get plenty more revolting acts from Frank in the future. Here are the 10 most disgusting things Frank Reynolds has done on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Stuck In The Playground

It's Always Sunny: 5 Most Disgusting Things Frank Has Ever Done
At a certain age, it becomes weird to be playing on a playground. Frank passed that age decades ago, but that doesn’t seem to occur to him, or he just doesn’t care. What’s even more odd about it is that Frank seems to like going to the playground in the middle of the night.

After Charlie informs the gang that Frank has been missing for a couple of days, they find him in the playground stuck inside a coil wearing only a pair of underwear. Why he was dressed like this in a playground and how he managed to get stuck inside the coil are just some of the questions that come to mind.

Bedtime Routine

It's Always Sunny: 5 Most Disgusting Things Frank Has Ever Done
Although Frank is used to a life of luxury, he surprisingly finds himself drawn to Charlie’s lifestyle of living in filth and squalor. The two seem to be a perfect albeit odd couple and Charlie introduces Frank to his way of life, including his very unusual bedtime routine.

In order to get a good night’s sleep over the sounds of dozens of cats outside their window, Charlie and Frank have devised the perfect system. Each night before bed, they eat a can of cat food, huff glue and drink a beer as the combination makes them feel sick and sleepy enough to pass out. This is not a doctor recommended sleeping technique.

Toe Knife

It's Always Sunny: 5 Most Disgusting Things Frank Has Ever Done
As horrible as the rest of the gang are, even they are disgusted by the way Frank and Charlie choose to live. But these two men do have their own specific way of life that others just don’t seem to understand. They even have a specific knife used exclusively for cleaning their filthy toes.

When Mac is staying at their apartment, he is horrified by the idea of the toe knife and the situation only gets more revolting when Frank accidentally cuts himself during his cleaning process. Instead of getting a bandage like a regular person, Frank chooses the clog the cut with trash.

Sex Life With Artemis

It's Always Sunny: 5 Most Disgusting Things Frank Has Ever Done
Despite his grotesque ways, Frank tries to maintain a pretty active dating life which mostly means he hires a lot of prostitutes. However, he also managed to form a relationship with Artemis, a much younger woman. Unfortunately, Artemis is pretty much as disgusting as Frank is and their relationship is really off-putting.

It seems that the two bonded over a shared food fetish in which they incorporate different foods into their sex life. This results in such disgusting acts and role-playing that they are in a salad together as well as having sex in the dumpster behind a fast-food restaurant.

Pooping The Bed

It's Always Sunny: 5 Most Disgusting Things Frank Has Ever Done
One of the greatest mysteries faced by the gang of Paddy’s Pub was discovering who pooped the bed. Charlie and Frank awake one morning to find human feces in the bed they share together. As the gang investigates how this could happen between two grown men, more and more poops begin appearing in the bed.

The mystery leads to a vast conspiracy in which every member of the group is suspected as having taken part in the pooping. But then Frank admits it was him every time and his only defense for the vile act is that he thinks poop is funny.