Character Passings in The Walking Dead Season 9

The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 9

“The walking dead” lost some special characters in season 9, and the autopsy was rigorous. Here are 16 incredible scenes of characters named “unlucky”.

The walking dead season 9 was a bad time for the survivors. Everything is changing around the world, including networks, pioneers, characters, elements, and almost anything an observer can think of.

Sure, Rick Grimes and Anne (Jadis) have left the show, and Michonne is doing his best to keep it going, but the real focus of this half of the season is watching settlements try to meet and understand the dangers of whistleblowing.

There’s a lot to be said for the rest of this article, so I urge you to get to know the show as quickly as possible, just as if you were ready to relive the painful misfortunes of season 9.

In the walking dead season 9 finale, let’s jump and play with a young guy.

Kenneth Sutton

Played by AJ Achinger
Presentation: 901 “a new beginning”
Death: 901 “a new beginning”
Executive: walker

Season 9 of “the walking dead” began with high expectations. The survivors have won their battle with the messiah and are now trying to come together to create another public environment where everyone can flourish.

Character Passings in The Walking Dead Season 9

On a short trip to the gallery to buy wagons, seeds, and all sorts of things, Kenneth Sutton, the son of the earl and tammy rose, did everything he could to make sure the ponies were safe. Although he had a chance to free the pony, he did not escape.

Kenneth, bitten by walkers and kicked by frozen ponies, gave himself up for the animals. Although his death proved courageous, his family did not think his death had much impact on his age and commitment to the mountain.

Luckily, maggie shot him in the head, so he won’t be coming back as a pacer. However, the damage to the Sutton family, as it did to the summit, was a tense start to the season.

Character Passings in The Walking Dead Season 9


Played by :Xander Berkeley
Synopsis: 611 unbound
Death: 901 “a new beginning”
Executor: hanged at the request of maggie li

It was always believed that Gregory would one day stop looking for a way to regain control of the mountaintop and start working with maggie and ordinary people on the mountaintop to improve every network.

Still, every chance he gets, he works for his own progress, whether that means hurting his own loved ones behind his back or giving up those he deserves.

The final straw was that Gregory not only controlled Earl Sutton, the alcoholic, but also attacked maggie. Enid knifed maggie at her hilltop workplace, and she was, in fact, still trying to live.

As a discipline and final retreat, maggie organizes Gregory to be hanged from the top of the mountain and publicly displays his behavior to prove that his behavior will not continue, or there will be serious consequences. Really, it’s kind of amazing how long he lasted.


Played by Zach McGowan
Presentation: 901 “a new beginning”
Death: 902 the bridge
By: beatrice
It makes sense that large Numbers of people living in shelters may not care about their situation in the new network gathering. Their living conditions were so bad that almost everything they needed had to come from someone else.
Character Passings in The Walking Dead Season 9

In order to complete the deal, which means that the previous saviors will have to do increasingly difficult work and put themselves at risk, they will have to spend longer on scaffolding that will be used to physically comment on the network.

When the saviors’ men begin to disappear, Justin screams that he is unprotected and even confronts Henry, rick, daryl and carol, causing him to leave the site.

As he leaves, Justin meets an unknown person about who left the shadows. He was shot in the chest with a spear, and it was later discovered that beatrice and the ladies of oceanside were seeking revenge.

Character Passings in The Walking Dead Season 9


Played by: Elizabeth ludlow
Introduction: episode 704 “management”
Death: 903 “warning signs”
Execution: Cyndie
Olsenside did not ignore what the rescuers had done to their scene. Every man and man of higher rank was executed from their place, driven out of their place of residence, and moved to the center of nowhere.

Among those who were taken into the slaughterhouse was arat, who was remembered by Cindy and the others for what she had said when she executed the men. Maggie’s head rang with the words again, as she chose to allow killings during the oceanside demonstration.

Not surprisingly, as one of negan’s aides, arat would respond to the hypothesis of a messianic pioneer. In any case, the demonstration was apparently initiated by Simon, and fans are aware of the potential consequences of his unauthorized activities with scavengers.

In any case, oceanside’s efforts to break rick’s guidelines and seek revenge seem to have been confirmed, and they were lucky enough to have maggie find them, not another man, who might not have released them for executing arat. All things considered, arat was believed to be the key survivor in the battle with the survivors, but he never really got his chance.

Casey and Norris

Played by :Nicole Barre /Aaron Farb
Episode 706 “Swear”
Death: 904 “duty”
Carried out by: Jed and the volunteers
The two survivors met in the season 9 finale of game 4, which was a bit strange. Despite their efforts to get together, it shows how far apart they are.
Character Passings in The Walking Dead Season 9

Casey, a survivor from oceanside, was part of the gathering and was involved in tara’s capture and departure as daryl and the others entered their camp from Alexandria. After unification, she was often observed chipping away at the guillotine with messianic individuals. Still, it was clear that the tension between the two parties was serious, and Jed was happy to shoot her to make his point about missing people at the shelter.

Again, Norris is a messianic man, a part of the temple, to be respected, to take back their weapons, to stop killing their loved ones. Still, his passion for working with rick keeps him between two parties without giving him a real home. He fought back against the saviors, but it was only a mistake, as he suffered a setback in the scaffolding camp battle.

Both Norris and Casey were found in a quiet ambush at the sanctuary and may have been long-term figures from a larger network, suggesting that the party was not prepared to put the past behind it.

Character Passings in The Walking Dead Season 9

Jed and the queen

Played by Rhys Coiro/Traci Dinwiddie
Present :902 (bridge) /801 (kindness)
Death: 906 “who are you now?”
Murder via: Carol Peletier
If “the walking dead” fans somehow managed to remember all the characters on “the walking dead,” then Carol would be the most important character on “the walking dead.” To the people she admires, she will defend herself and prove her ability to do terrible things.

Given Jed and Regina, this means it would be wrong to accomplish two things: compromise Henry and take away the ring king Ezekiel gave her when he proposed. Things quickly changed when carol seemed happy to let go.

The first two survivors were scattered, living alone in a distribution center, and were dozing when carol sneaked in around midnight.

Spread the wood, strike a match, and the whole place catches fire. It murders Jed, Regina and seven different people from saviour, which proves why carol is the most dangerous survivor in the zombie world.


Played by: Macsen Lintz and Matt Lintz
Presented: Episode 702 ``The Well``
Kicked the bucket: Episode 915 ``The Calm Before``
Murdered by: Alpha and the Whisperers
Losing his folks and his sibling, Henry was taken in by King Ezekiel and Carol at the Kingdom where he would prepare with Morgan Jones and do his best to fix up the network and ensure those he thinks about. Tune made Daryl guarantee to care for him, as the two confided in one another completely.
Character Passings in The Walking Dead Season 9
The Walking Dead

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Henry went to the Hilltop to find out about blacksmithing and monitor his pound, Enid. Learning Enid was currently with Alden, he immediately built up a smash on his individual cellmate Lydia who was caught by the Whisperers.

In the wake of exchanging Lydia back to the Whisperers for Alden and Luke, Henry pursued the young lady he had developed affections for in expectations he could take her back to security and remove her from her damaging mother, Alpha.

The Whisperers would be his last end, as he was caught alongside others and guillotined to frame the column of pikes at the northern outskirt of Alpha’s region. Hymn was squashed and reassured by Daryl when she saw her the leader of her “child”.

These misfortunes were only the ones that occurred on the screen. Numerous other anonymous characters and walkers were slaughtered off the screen. Nonetheless, these misfortunes show exactly how incredible season 9 of The Walking Dead was.

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