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AU $75 BUY: Just Shoot Me! Complete Series on DVD in Australia

Just Shoot Me Complete Series DVD Box Set

Condition: Brand new and sealed.
DVD Region: 4, PAL (for AUS & NZ)
Number of Discs: 19
Shipping: Send in 2-3 days from NSW, ETA 1-2 weeks.
Returns: 180 day money back for no reason, seller pays return postage.
Guarantee: Authentic DVD, money back if not delivered in 3 weekds.
This is for Just Shoot Me 1-7 DVD Box Set

ShootMe , Season 1

A writer in need of a job reluctantly agrees to work for her father's women's magazine. Already nervous about her first day, Maya arrives at the offices of Blush ready to transform the magazine into something she can be proud of. Since neither her dad nor Finch thought to mention it, Maya's new position at the magazine comes as a surprise for Nina and Elliott. Yet, she sees things going her way when Jack overrules the staff and lets her pursue a controversial story on the exploitation of low wage foreign workers. Meanwhile, as Jack is unveiling her new office and presenting her with the job's many perks, Nina, Elliott and Finch plot their survival under ... Despite the staff's efforts to celebrate, Finch has no intention of being recognized on Secretary's Day. And while Jack insists on a gift to mark the occasion, Finch does his best to make it clear that he doesn't consider himself a secretary. Meanwhile, Nina considers having plastic surgery to increase her breast size. As Jack is working on an important speech, Finch approaches him with some questions about his job. After Jack does little to ease his fears, Maya accuses her father of being insensitive as she tries to get him to understand Finch's concerns. Then, after...

ShootMe , Season 2

After seeing how easily her father responded to a bumbling but beautiful delivery girl, Maya complains that good looking people get all the breaks. To prove her point, she suggests sending two men, one handsome but stupid and the other well qualified but homely, to apply for the same job. Meanwhile, as Jack struggles to assemble a toy for his baby daughter, Elliott enlists Nina in a practical joke on Finch. After meeting the handsome Derek and the well qualified Neil, Maya sends them out to interview for a job. But Maya's thesis quickly runs into trouble. When Neil ... Maya struggles with her incompetent assistant, Cindy. Jack and Maya clash over whether to fire Cindy; Maya likens Jack's intolerance of Cindy to his intolerance of an unruly dog Maya had when she a child. Nina is invited to appear on NPR to debate against a feminist leader about whether the fashion industry creates false and harmful images for women. Elliot and Dennis conspire to sabotage Nina's preparatory study of erudite vocabulary.

ShootMe , Season3

Finch tries to hijack a surveillance videotape of him and Jack's nanny in a compromising position.Jack tricks Maya into getting a neighbor to move so he can build a steam room at work. Finch is convinced that Nina has an imaginary alter ego while Maya discovers how Jack deceived her on Halloween many years ago.Finch challenges Maya to play a good practical joke. Finch conspires to set Maya up on a date with another woman.Elliott promises to get revenge after Finch is taken advantage of by a woman. Maya is convinced that her new boyfriend is sending her messages by way of the puppets that he uses on his children's television show.When Jack is unhappy he's far down on a prestigious listing about to be published, he jumps at Maya's for once uttered idea to send a bound collection of the magazine covers - but the result is not he, but Elliott is listed... Meanwhile Dennis makes a typical fan pest of himself when he accidentally meets his Star wars idol Mark 'Luke Skywalker' Hamill, who is most annoyed but then seems to follow him around for over a week, until...

ShootMe , Season4

As Dennis tries to hide his true passions from his new supermodel wife, Maya and Elliott seek to have their accidental marriage annulled. Nina discovers her role in a fifteen-year-old accident that changed Elliott's life forever; immigration authorities question the legitimacy of Dennis and Adrienne's marriage.A photographer coerces Elliot into hiring him as his assistant. Elliot doesn't want to be under his thumb but doesn't know what to do. An astronaut comes to for an interview but Nina thinks the whole going into space is a hoax. Finch is forced to protect Adrienne from a suitor who is a lot like him. As Nina eavesdrops on Jack's therapy session, a misunderstanding leaves Maya owing $5,000 to Finch's bookie.

ShootMe , Season5

Elliot hears Alley break up with Jack on the answering machine. He accidentally erases the message. Finch shares a passionate kiss with Nina and then insults her by telling her she's not his type. Seduction and revenge put Nina on top. Jack checks into Plaza and he can't find any peace and quiet after Maya and Elliot have an argument, Nina comes uninvited and Finch makes a live performance of his boy band.Maya learns of Elliot's criminal past. Nina dates a famous television actor, whose rough-n-tough nomad character melts away once she discovers he lives with his mother. Mamma's not about to share her boy with another woman.

ShootMe , Season6

When Jack catches Dennis with his wife, he throws him out. Later Dennis gets a job working for Snoop Dog. When Jack learns of what happened between Dennis and his wife he tries to get Dennis to come back but he's afraid to tell Snoop that he wants to go. Finch reveals his personality is not his own but one he ripped off a girl he knew earlier in life. Jack asserts his alpha-male status when Elliot refuses to share his cannolis. Finch dates the woman who shares his personality. Nina doubts her ability to negotiate a raise from Jack, and Maya wonders if her raises are just because she's his daughter. When Nina's long-time friend passes away, she finds it hard to cope with the loss. At first, she avoids the whole issue. Later, she can't separate herself from Binnie's ashes and takes the urn with her everywhere. Dennis feels threatened by Jack's new egg-shaped electronic personal assistant, but finds relief when Jack agrees to pay to send Dennis to college.

ShootMe , Season7

Jack hires a woman off the street to run the desk, but the staff thinks it's just because Jack wants to seduce her.Vicky and Finch fight for Jacks approval. Nina loses a crazy woman in the office. Elliott asks Vicky out and is annoyed when she turns him down. Nina dates a rock star and tries not to sleep with him on the first date. Maya tries to get Vicky to open up about her broken marriage. Jack gets a pocket watch, and gifts Elliott with a wristwatch to persuade him to stop using his own pocket watch. Nina throws an A-list Halloween party and reluctantly invites the Blush team. Jack and Finch fight for the affections of a new model with Jack trying to use magic to win her. Maya helps Elliott realise that the only reason he keeps arguing with Vicky is because he likes her. Nina becomes jealous of her new boyfriend Simon and one of his old lovers.