Frozen’s Olaf Tells Parents To Let Kids Drink In Saturday Night Live Sketch

Frozen’s Josh Gad makes a guest appearance as Olaf in a Saturday Night Live sketch advising parents to let their kids drink during quarantine.

Frozen’s Olaf Tells Parents To Let Kids Drink In Saturday Night Live Sketch
Frozen’s Olaf Tells Parents To Let Kids Drink In Saturday Night Live Sketch

Olaf, the lovable snowman from the Frozen franchise, makes a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live – and tells parents that they should let their kids drink to make quarantine a little easier. With the final episode of this season taking place on the eve of Mother’s Day in the U.S., SNL was in the mood to show some appreciation to all the mothers that were watching. This is not unusual for the long-running comedy show, which often finds humor by lightly poking fun at the absurdity and contradictions of shared holiday experiences. Some popular sketches related to Mother’s Day in the past have included a game show parody, in which a character played Kate McKinnon tested her children’s knowledge. A spoof centered around Fifty Shades of Grey, which featured Kristen Wiig, also went viral.

Wiig returned to SNL to host the finale. But for its biggest ode to mothers, the show enlisted the help of Olaf from Frozen. Voiced by Josh Gad, Olaf is an ally of Elsa and Anna. Given the character’s popularity, and that of the Frozen movies as a whole, the character has inevitably been skewered by SNL in the past. Poking fun at the Frozen sequel earlier this year, SNL imagined a deleted scene in which Kyle Mooney’s version of Olaf sported an extra carrot in an area that was not exactly family-friendly.

Olaf himself showed up to Saturday Night Live, taking part in a rousing song for parents everywhere. Given the stresses of quarantine and the everyday stresses of having kids, the cast of SNL offered an unorthodox solution: Let kids drink! Reprising his vocal performance as Olaf, Gad seems to be temporarily swept up in the moment before wondering what it was he agreed to. Check out the sketch, with Gad’s cameo taking place at 2:07, below.

The finale included more heartfelt moments. Boyz II Men and Babyface performed their hit 1990s song “A Song For Mama.” Wiig also took time in her monologue, delivered from home, to give a playful shoutout to her mom. It wasn’t as big as some of Saturday Night Live’s other holiday surprises, such as Melissa McCarthy portraying the overly-dotting mom of cast member Michael Che. But given the circumstances, the SNL crew aimed for laughs by being a little subversive.

Returning for three At Home editions, beginning with an episode hosted by Tom Hanks, SNL’s focus has largely been finding the lighthearted side of an unprecedented situation. Almost all of the finale’s sketches referenced the pandemic or revolved around it, in ways direct and otherwise, and that certainly fits well with the conceit frustrated parents dealing with a house full of children… Although Olaf’s advice might not been the best.