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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 5 Worst Things The Gang Did To Charlie


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has characters who are often on their worst behavior. Here are some bad things the gang has done to Charlie.

With its 14th season recently released, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has been airing for 15 years and it doesn’t look like it’s about to stop anytime soon. What makes the show so endlessly funny and successful is that its main characters are made to be hated more than loved.

The premise of the show is to focus on horrible, selfish and ignorant people who the audience can laugh at. The wrongdoings of these protagonists may seem glamorized, but it’s not — the show only ridicules and criticizes the actions and mindsets that these characters represent. They don’t just bully others, but each other too — in fact, Charlie is one the most disrespected member of the gang. Let’s take a look at the 10 worst things the gang has ever done to him.

5/5 They Took His Work For Granted


Charlie may seem like he is not smart or organized enough to be successful, but he is undeniably good at his job, which he calls ‘charlie work.’ On health inspection days, Charlie always ensures that the bar is in perfect condition to ace the test. He manages this even when, only a few minutes before the inspection, he discovers that his friends have filled the pub in chickens to carry out a scam.

That day, he is the one to take care of everything and make sure the bar passes the health test as they always do. And yet, in the end, not one of his friends recognizes his efforts.

4/5 They Used Him For Their Own Benefits


Charlie is known for being the one to do the dirty work around the bar. He takes cleans toilets, takes the trash out and sweeps floors. It seems that his dirty work extends further than this; he often finds himself carrying out various tasks for members of the gang and helping them out for nothing in return.

Dennis and Mac go as far as forcing Charlie to fix the TV in the bar, something which causes him to get small electrocutions as he tweaks the cables and wires. Instead of expressing gratitude, Mac and Dennis only yell at him for not going fast enough to their liking.

3/5 Dennis Didn’t Care About Him Having Cancer


Thinking to be in and out quickly, Dennis stops by Charlie’s apartment one day to borrow a basketball, but once there, Charlie discloses that he has cancer. Dennis offers help and support, which Charlies gladly accepts, only for Dennis to tell him that now is not a good time. On top of that, he insists on getting that basketball he wanted.

Creator and writer of the show, Rob McElhenney revealed that this premise, in fact, came to him in a dream, and gave him the inspiration for the entire show. Knowing that Charlie did something equally bad by lying about having cancer makes Dennis’s behavior easier to digest, but he remains one of the most insensitive and selfish characters on the show.

2/5 Mac Didn’t Care About Him Being Molested


One of the greatest things about the show is its ability to shed a light on serious world issues with humor and satire: in a way that makes it easier to talk about it. This is exactly the case with molestation, a heavy topic that is approached when the gang suspects Charlie was molested as a child. While Dee and Dennis decide to investigate their friend’s well-being and inform his parents, Mac reacts differently.

Instead of being horrified, Mac is jealous that his friend got molested and he didn’t. Stupidly enough, he claims that he was cute and smart enough to have been molested too. Thankfully, Dennis and Dee do not hold back in calling him out on this irrational thinking.

1/5 Dennis And Frank Slept With The Woman He’s In Love With


It is no secret that the waitress is Charlie’s eternal crush and the woman of his dreams, even though he cannot even refer to her by her real name. With his countless attempts to win her over, it should be established that the woman is off-limits. Dennis especially, a man who seemingly can have any woman he likes, should not be going after her.

True to the show focus on despicable characters, Dennis does go after the waitress to blackmail Charlie. He even sleeps with her and keeps a recording of it, like the psychopath he is. To add salt to Charlie’s wound, Frank sleeps with the waitress as well; all only in the span of a few days.