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It’s Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans don’t associate the TV comedy with romance, but we all have strong opinions about the couples.

But while romance is not usually seen in the series, it does have some compelling relationships. Some of these relationships work mostly due to how outrageous they are, while others are just too much to handle. Here are some of the relationships in It’s Always Sunny that fans have gotten behind and some they rejected.

Accepted: Frank And Artemis

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
Frank Reynolds is an incredibly disgusting human being. As the series goes on, he just seems to sink deeper into depravity. It’s off-putting to imagine him with anyone but he did seem to find a soulmate of sorts with Artemis.

Artemis is Dee’s uninhabited and dramatic friend who, like Frank, is capable of some truly gross stuff. Seeing these two together was not what you would call pleasant, but they do make a compatible match and a thriving sex life together.

Rejected: Frank And Gail

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
At a certain point in the series, Frank just decides to fully embrace his insanity. He realizes he isn’t getting any younger, so he sets out to get “real weird” with his remaining years. He quickly achieves that with this horrific romance with Gail the Snail.

Gail is Dennis and Dee’s grotesque and annoying cousin, which makes Frank her former uncle by marriage. If that isn’t enough to explain what’s wrong with this relationship, Gail is a disgusting human being herself. Their entire relationship will make you sick.

Accepted: Dennis And Jackie Dernardo

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
Though he sees himself as a seductive and attractive ladies’ man, Dennis Reynolds has revealed himself to be a complete psychopath. From his crazy temper to his disturbing system for luring women, Dennis is not someone capable of a healthy relationship. However, when it comes to Jackie Denardo, Dennis is surprisingly vulnerable.

Jackie is the local weather newscaster who Dennis becomes infatuated with. In person, she seems as thoughtless as most people on the show, but Dennis is just not himself around her. His confidence disappears and he becomes an awkward fool which is a good change for him.

Rejected: Dennis And Maureen

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
As Dennis the final step to the D.E.N.N.I.S. System proves, Dennis is not interested in a long-term relationship. So when he decides to marry Maureen Ponderosa, it’s clear that the whole thing is heading for disaster.

Maureen was a former high school girlfriend of Dennis and he finds himself oddly drawn back to her time and time again. But each time, Dennis quickly remembers her annoying quirks, off-putting habits and strange obsession with cats. Though it’s funny to watch Dennis making the same mistake over and over, it’s just uncomfortable seeing them together.

Accepted: Dee And Ben

It's Always Sunny: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind
Even though she is the only female of the Paddy’s Pub gang, Dee is as manipulative and selfish with her relationship as the guys are. That is most certainly the case with her sometimes-boyfriend Ben.

Ben is one of the few nice people who have appeared on the show. He is a kind-hearted army veteran and Dee walks all over him. While that might seem like a hard relationship to cheer for, the fact that Ben always ends up fine and Dee gets what’s coming to her makes it one of the more satisfying relationships on the show.

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