Lucy Liu talks Elementary Season 6 Premiere

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Lucy Liu stars in the CBS crime drama “Elementary” as Dr. Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ investigative partner. Liu joins “CBS This Morning” to preview Season 6 and discuss the joys of raising her 2-year-old son.

So glad they weren’t cancelled. A quality show with great writing and brilliant actors.
OMG! This season took forever to get here!! I was so afraid CBS had canceled this great show; loved it from the beginning! 😁👍
Holy crap, she hasnt aged!
Now that Shinwell’s out of the way it’s gonna be like the good old seasons
She’s beautiful
Asian Don’t Raisin ! True! She’s almost 50! Damn!
I love this show!
She looks very nice, she’s like someone I want to know in real life, easygoing and optimistic
BIG BIG LIKE, also on WEB space, for encouraging producers to work some more on such lucky projects, for being so smart on switching the point of view, of giving audience the sense of details, observe and notice things, yeah, I love to use such crime cases for improving myself, a real brain training we all need so much
She don’t age 😮
Love Lucy Liu! Her Watson is amazing. Go Blue!
She’s so Beautiful! I want to meet her so badly!

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