NCIS: New Orleans Cast & Character Guide

NCIS: New Orleans Cast & Character Guide

NCIS: New Orleans is the second spinoff of the popular franchise that moves the action to the Big Easy. Here’s a guide to the characters of the show.

Here’s a guide to the cast and characters of NCIS: New Orleans. For a franchise that’s spawned so many spinoffs, it makes sense NCIS began as a backdoor pilot itself. The team, consisting of Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and DiNozzo, originally appeared in a couple of episodes of JAG during season 8, and they proved popular enough to earn their own show. NCIS was initially slow to build a following but after a few seasons, it became a huge ratings winner.

NCIS’ longevity is down in no small part to its cast, though a lot of fan favorites have departed throughout its run; that said, season 17 will see the return of a beloved character. The first spinoff came in the form of NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J (Deep Blue Sea). That series has also proven remarkably sturdy and will return for season 11 in 2019. The second spinoff NCIS: New Orleans debuted in 2014, and has reinforced the franchise’s winning formula by lasting six seasons so far.

Like NCIS itself, a large part of NCIS: New Orleans appeal is the characters. The series isn’t exactly a bold reinvention of the formula, but its great cast has viewers tuning in every week regardless. Here’s a breakdown of the main cast and characters.

NCIS: New Orleans Cast & Character Guide
NCIS: New Orleans Cast & Character Guide

Scott Bakula – Dwayne Pride

Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula, Quantum Leap) is the leader of the NCIS team in New Orleans and is an old friend and college of Agent Gibbs. Pride is a highly respected agent and also owns his own bar. He’s divorced with one daughter named Laurel.

Lucas Black – Christopher LaSalle

LaSalle is Pride’s right-hand man and hails from Alabama. Like Pride, he’s dedicated to his work, though he has a more active love life. He and Agent Percy (Shalita Grant) formed something of a “will they, won’t they” attraction, which ultimately never came to be when she resigned from the team during season 4.

CCH Pounder – Loretta Wade

Loretta Wade, played by CCH Pounder (Avatar), is the Coroner of Jefferson Parish, meaning she naturally has a lot of meetings with the team. She’s shown herself to be a compassionate person more than once, such as the time she fostered two children caught up in an NCIS case.

Vanessa Ferlito – Tammy Gregorio

Tammy joined the team during NCIS: New Orleans season 3. She studied to become a lawyer before joining the FBI and joined the team following the departure of Agent Brody by Pride’s request.

Rob Kerkovich – Sebastian Lund

Sebastian originally worked under Loretta, but later joins the NCIS team. He’s somewhat shy and awkward, but he’s excellent at his job and has even proven useful in a gunfight.

Daryl Mitchell – Patton Plame

NCIS: New Orleans resident computer nerd, played by Daryl Mitchell. Patton uses a wheelchair as the result of being caught in an explosion.


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