Netflix’s Masters of the Universe Is Fantastic Says Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, the showrunner behind Netflix’s Masters of the Universe reboot, has tweeting giving his approval of the show’s first animatics.

Netflix's Masters of the Universe Is Fantastic Says Kevin Smith
Netflix’s Masters of the Universe Is Fantastic Says Kevin Smith

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has given his personal endorsement of Netflix’s upcoming Masters of the Universe series. The director behind the cult classic comedy Mallrats is also the creator behind the anime-style fantasy series, and is apparently looking forward to its release. Netflix’s Masters of the Universe is an adaptation of the original He-Man series of the 80’s, inspired by the Mattel line of He-Man action figures.

Smith has previously stated that the style of this new show will be more in keeping with the anime style of the 1980’s, and that none of the characters will be drastically redesigned. In this way, Masters of the Universe is setting itself up to be a punch of nostalgia for old fans. It will also include the voice acting talents of an all-star cast, featuring celebrities like Mark Hamill and Lena Heady. The question remains, though: is the new Masters of the Universe any good?

In a recent tweet, Smith gave his opinions on the show so far. Smith explains that he was given a fully animated pass of the series by Powerhouse Animation for review. The showrunner mentions that he saw 8 different animatics previously, but the updated version is an entirely different and engaging experience. He praises the show’s story and craft, saying that even though it has to go through revisions, it’s already a fantastic show that he’s really looking forward to. His tweet also included a screenshot of one of the title cards of the rough cut, which includes the reboot series’ subtitle, “Revelation.” You can see the full tweet below.

This show, headed by Smith, isn’t the first Netflix reboot of a beloved Mattel series. The streamer recently concluded its run of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, led by Noelle Stevenson. The historically joint nature of He-Man and She-Ra has led many to wonder whether this new Masters of the Universe series will take place in the same universe as She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

These questions remain unanswered, but fans are still getting some He-Man news as the show continues production. While it’s expected that a showrunner like Smith would be excited for their own series to come out, this tweet is still an encouraging sign. With Smith stating that the show looks great without too many revisions, it’s clear that we won’t have to wait too much longer for these episodes. If nothing else, it’s just one more reason for He-Man fans to get excited for when Masters of the Universe drops on Netflix in 2021.