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Audience reviews for Outlander TV Series

This is such a binding and consuming story. Outlander is a wonderful series. It grasps the viewers interest. You almost connect to it. You won’t once feel it’s made up or acting. It’s real for u. The characters have done all the justice with their iconic role. Director has delivered life to such a precious series. Outlander is feast to my eyes and soul. It makes you believe in hope. Hope for love and love for life.

It’s just not a TV series it’s far beyond than this series show the how fate will make swiftly arrangement to meet your real love.. The show must go on Claire and jamie created a attractive bonding rule after watching 1st episode you will directly addicted to it and start living this tv serious as it’s your own 10/10 stars….

It’s got mix of adventure romance,history,love it’s fantastic I forget the world when I’m watching outlander brilliant direction, amazing story and of course our lovely actor’s Redhead Jamie and beautiful clara! A very emotional drama…the story line is such that every episode has got something new and keeps viewers on the feet…10 out of 10