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5 Peaky Blinders Quotes That We Will Always Remember


Peaky Blinders is a gritty crime series of gangsters fighting for supremacy. The BBC series has given many memorable quotes, but here are the 10 best.

A grim industrial England, stylish violence, men and women in suits puffing on cigarettes, and a lot of dramatic dialogues, Peaky Blinders has all of that. Five seasons old, the crime saga of the Shelby family has garnered a cult following of its own. There isn’t much scope for any emotional or teary monologues but Steven Knight’s script does not shy away from quick, sassy banter and cinematic lines among its characters, whether it be Thomas Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) dry humor or Aunt Polly’s fiery comebacks.

In regards to this, here are 10 of the most memorable quotes from Peaky Blinders that fans aren’t bound to forget.

5/5 ‘By The Order Of…’


‘This place is under new management, by order of the Peaky Blinders.’

-Arthur Shelby

You mess with the Peaky Blinders and you get a bloodied face and a burnt bar. At least, if you anger Arthur, the loud-mouthed, hot-headed brother of family patriarch Thomas Shelby. The context of this iconic quote comes from a scene where Arthur’s cousin Michael is out at a bar with his friend. But the racist bar throws them out as Michael’s friend is a black man.

Angered by this disrespect of the Shelby family name, Arthur goes berserk. ‘By order of the Peaky Blinders’ became a fan favorite dialogue, being uttered in many other episodes too.

4/5 No Love


‘Men like us, Mr. Shelby, will always be alone. And what love we get, we will have to pay for.’

-Chester Campbell

A villain so bad that he’s good. That’s Sam Neill’s Inspector Campbell. Initially, he has a vendetta against Thomas just because he’s on the other side of the law. But then he falls in love with undercover police agent Grace who is actually smitten with Thomas himself. Campbell wages his own personal war after falling in this love triangle.

In this quote, Campbell stresses that no matter what romantic dreams Thomas weaves, he is bound to lose Grace. After all, Thomas has chosen a dangerous life for himself which makes it hard to have any real commitments. And Campbell does turn out to be right a few seasons later with Grace’s fate as we find out a few seasons later.

3/5 Final Words


‘Oh…And there’s a woman. Yeah. A woman…I love…and I got close. I nearly got f****** EVERYTHING!’

-Thomas Shelby

The show-runners of Peaky Blinders have a usual trope of putting Thomas in near-death situations towards the season finale. This is the case in the last episode of Season 2. Inspector Campbell’s words ring true to Thomas who feels he’s about to die. He laments on how he had finally found the love of his life and still, this gangster could not get his fairy tale ending.

Thomas starts his rant peacefully puffing on a cigarette but then shouts his lungs out looking up at the sky. The angst in Cillian Murphy’s dialogue gives us one of the show’s most iconic moments.

2/5 Angry Alfie


‘WHAT F****** LINE AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE CROSSED?! How many fathers, right, how many sons, yeah, have you cut, killed, murdered, butchered, innocent and guilty, to send straight to f****** Hell, ain’t ya?! JUST LIKE ME! ‘

-Alfie Solomons

Tom Hardy’s addition to the show’s cast as Jewish gangster-businessman Alfie was a welcome move. A wise yet witty character, his lines were mostly humorous until this moment. Thomas’s son is kidnapped and he suspects Alfie. So, Thomas holds him at gunpoint, guilt-tripping him for his crimes. But Alfie in this angry monologue counter-questions Thomas’s life choices.

No matter how heroic Thomas might act, he’s still a ruthless gangster in the end. Hence, he and Alfie Solomons are no different.

1/5 Men, Men, Men


‘Men and their c***s never cease to amaze me.’

-Polly Shelby

Polly, the brains behind most of the Shelby business and an aunt to the gangster brothers, delivers gems of sarcasm and savagery whenever she’s on-screen. Aunt Polly says then when the youngest brother John Shelby announces that he wishes to marry a prostitute. She generalizes how men mostly think from their genitals rather than their minds.

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