Rambo: Last Blood Exclusive Clip Brings Rambo Full Circle

Exclusive: In celebration of Rambo: Last Blood being released on home media, Screen Rant has an behind the scenes clip from the making of the movie.

Rambo: Last Blood Exclusive Clip Brings Rambo Full Circle
Rambo: Last Blood Exclusive Clip Brings Rambo Full Circle

With Rambo: Last Blood set to arrive on Digital December 3 and on 4K, Blu-ray, DVD, and On-Demand December 17, an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip has been released. Sylvester Stallone debuted as John Rambo back in 1982’s First Blood. Adapted from a 1972 novel, the film proved to be a surprisingly resonant (albeit action-packed) affair, following a PTSD-suffering Vietnam vet tormented by an abusive small-town sheriff and his deputies. Proving a success, the franchise would move into outright blockbuster territory with 1985’s Rambo: First Blood Part II and 1988’s Rambo III. Although they lacked the original film’s more emotional themes, and the third installment failed to land at the box office, both sequels would help to solidify Stallone’s status as an action icon. Equally, Rambo would go on to become one of Stallone’s most iconic and enduring characters.

Stallone would not reprise the role again, however, until 2008’s John Rambo. Although the fourth installment experienced yet another poor response from critics, it rode a wave of nostalgia to earn enough of a box office return to be considered a success. A fifth installment was planned – with early leaks promising a much better Rambo story – but it was ultimately scrapped. Following that, Stallone was all set to officially retire the character. In 2018, however, it was announced that Stallone’s Rambo would go to war one last time. Rambo: Last Blood was officially released in September – garnering negative reviews but earning the second-best box office opening of the franchise.

In honor of the films impending digital release, Screen Rant managed to get our hands on an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip. Narrated by producer Les Weldon, the clip features a range of footage. Primarily comprised of Stallone preparing for and executing a number of action scenes, Weldon discusses the intentions for the latest Rambo adventure. With both Stallone and Rambo being understandably older and not-so-much in his warmongering prime, Weldon reveals it was actually the perfect way to bring the character full circle and tie fully into First Blood’s original depiction. Check out the full clip below:

Despite the definitive nature of the title, Rambo: Last Blood’s moderate success led inevitably to talk of a potential Rambo 6. Stallone, however, appears more set on a Rambo prequel – which would explore the character at 16 or 17 and before he was broken by the Vietnam War. Actors returning to their more iconic characters has proven a trend in recent years, with Stallone himself also reprising the role of Rocky Balboa for Creed and Creed II in recent years. Fellow 80s action star Arnold Schwarzenegger also recently returned to a familiar role, playing a new T-800 (aka Carl) in Terminator: Dark Fate. As a result, in a move that emulated their competitive heyday, Schwarzenegger and Stallone lightheartedly reignited their old feud.

Whatever one thinks of the Rambo franchise, it is not without its own legion of fans. As such, many will be eager to get their hands on a home media copy as soon as it’s released. Though not quite as part of the season as the likes of Die Hard, it will no doubt be worthy of a rewatch. And a first-time watch of all of the new extras, of which the above video only offers a taste. It remains to be seen if anything will come to fruition regarding future chapters of the character’s journey. Given that Rambo: Last Blood completes the character’s political evolution, however, it at least has a fitting thematic conclusion if not.