Ray Donovan Star Liev Schreiber Says The Show May Not Be Canceled After All

Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber says that the Showtime series might return in some form thanks to vocal fan support and a little luck.

Ray Donovan Star Liev Schreiber Says The Show May Not Be Canceled After All
Ray Donovan Star Liev Schreiber Says The Show May Not Be Canceled After All

Reports surrounding the cancellation of Ray Donovan may prove to have been premature, according to the star of the Showtime show. The crime drama has aired for seven seasons on the premium network, concluding its most recent season last month. Since its release in June 2013, Ray Donovan has earned one Primetime Emmy for guest Hank Azaria and one Golden Globe Award for star Jon Voight.

By the time the season 7 finale aired on January 19, the end of Ray Donovan felt predestined. While the season (series?) finale of the show brought in 1.05 million viewers according to Nielsen, which was a season-high, the average amount of viewers tuning in for the season was just 0.93 million, the lowest in the history of the show (ratings do tend to drop off over time, notably). Additionally, season 7 only consisted of ten episodes, down from the 12 episodes Ray Donovan aired every year during its first six seasons. Therefore, it made sense when Showtime axed the show at the beginning of the month.

And yet, Ray Donovan may live again, according to series star Liev Schreiber. Schreiber took to Instagram with a text post, thanking fans for their support in the week and a half following the show’s cancellation. He cryptically added that the fan’s prayers had been answered, although he didn’t provide any further details. Page Six, however, was able to shine more light on Schreiber’s post, adding the show would likely wrap with a few episodes or movie. See Schreiber’s Instagram post below:

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The initial cancellation of Ray Donovan came amid an upheaval at Showtime, with several of their tentpole shows coming to a close, including the ongoing final season of Homeland. Ray Donovan had already undergone several shakeups, like a scenery change from Los Angeles to New York and the departure of series creator Ann Biderman. Where the final episodes (or a movie) can take the program is unclear, but Showtime will have a big project on its hands, as season 7 ended on a major cliffhanger.

There have been several successful campaigns recently to save canceled shows, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine serving as a prominent recent example; it was canceled after five seasons at Fox, only to find a second life at NBC. The conclusion of shows can be satisfying for fans, but after their initial cancellations, there can also be significant changes to deal with, such as the departures of actors and creative types off to their next project. The swift saving of Ray Donovan should guarantee fans, and the characters, get the ending they deserve.


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