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Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty’s Mind Blowers Memories

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

From tough choices to sinister squirrels, here are the 10 best memories in Morty’s Mind Blowers from Rick and Morty.
Rick and Morty is halfway through its fourth season but is currently taking a little break before any other episodes hit the air. That being said, the series about the universe’s smartest man and his idiot grandson has already produced three and a half seasons worth of comedic gold that audiences everywhere have fallen in love with.

Morty’s Montage

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

This wasn’t one memory, it was scores of them. At the end of the episode when Morty had already experienced over a dozen lost memories that Rick had zapped out of his brain, he began a montage clip by showing us brief glimpses of almost a dozen more erased memories.

The barely-there scenes included a cavalcade of freaky adventures or experiments that had gone horribly wrong and needed removing from Morty’s psyche, such as a dead-Santa, Morty getting his hand chopped off, a clever Ghostbusters reference, and many more.

Anything Magnet

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

Don’t lie to yourself – you would have done the exact same thing. Rick was never one to shy away from creating useful inventions that made his life infinitely easier, but the “Anything Magnet” is one of the best he’s ever come up with.

The invention does exactly what it sounds like it would do – you type in what you want and the magnet ‘attracts’ whatever you typed in, sending it flying your way. However, Morty saw his chance and took it and decided to type ‘girls’ into the device, resulting in a dozen females soaring into Rick’s garage. Rick must have deleted this memory because there’s no way Morty wanted it gone.

Morty’s Menagerie

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

We’re not exactly sure who was holding Rick and Morty captive, but it’s safe to say that the sentient being was not one to be messed with since it seemed to be keeping a sample of every other life-form in the universe as a pet.

Now, Rick was able to use his genius to worm their way out of it, but not before taking a risk and sending a coded message to a team of scientists on earth to save them – and then tricking them into staying behind in Rick and Morty’s stead so that the sentient being wouldn’t notice that anything was different. This memory was as cold as it was hilarious and we understand why Morty might have wanted this one gone.

Beth Picks Summer

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

If a parent has more than one child, they have a favorite. They’d never, ever admit it unless they were being threatened by an evil, space monster, but luckily most mothers don’t have to worry about that scenario. Unlucky for Beth, she’s the one mother who does have to worry about it since she and her children were somehow captured by what was most likely an enemy of Ricks.

The creature tells Beth that she must choose which of her children she’s going to save from death, and without a second of hesitation she blurted out Summer’s name, leaving Morty completely high-and-dry. Rick dropped in and saved the day, but damn, that was cold.

Morty’s Interrogation

Rick and Morty: 5 Best Morty's Mind Blowers Memories

Warning: the picture above is technically NSFW and should be blurred out, but apparently alien-genitalia is allowed to be shown on the internet with no consequences. It’s a good thing that this memory was erased from Morty’s mind because it would have given anybody nightmares for the remainder of their life.

Rick and Morty have some sort of slimy, alien tied to a chair as they interrogate him when Rick implies that Morty should grab, squeeze, and yank the sacks under the alien’s chin. Morty thinks that he’s torturing the alien, but it turns out that he was doing something very different as the alien begins to wiggle with erotic glee. This may have been hysterical, but yuck.

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