Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead has some major changes, but they may not be enough

The first half of “game of thrones” season 4 was a surprise. Now it is picking up the pieces.


(editor’s note: here’s a sneak peek at the first half of fear the walking dead’s fourth season.)

Fear the Walking Dead has struggled to distinguish itself from its predecessor. Of course, it focuses on a family, clark, and the landscape changes significantly, but it’s still just a zombie surviving with the damage it did a few years ago in the timeline of the main performance, making it feel unimportant.

When the new planner money and Ian Andrew goldberg, and franchise manager Scott m. Gimple choose to be a soft start at the beginning of season 4, time – jumping “the walking dead” and increase fans characters Morgan’s ordinary actor, now this is a rare cynical enterprise cooperative behavior, in fact a certain amount of creative significance. “Fear the Walking Dead” could be rejuvenated, with a deeper connection to the flagship show, and hopefully a broader crossover

But the jump in time is not the only big change the new producers want. Morgan, introduces several new major characters, including John losse (Dillahunt), a lone gunner searching for his lost love, marshmallow (maggie grace), a reporter trying to chronicle the end of the world story, and June (like jenna Elfman), a former ICU nurse whose habit is to escape when things get difficult.

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead has some major changes, but they may not be enough

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead has some major changes, but they may not be enough

These additions are truly refreshing, especially for John and al, two characters with strong motivations that go beyond simple survival. When a character on “the walking dead” wants something other than food and revenge, the potential for storytelling increases. Dylan hunt also plays John with a seriousness almost unheard of in this franchise; John’s apparent decency broke Morgan’s thirst for isolation.

While the new cast is popular, many of the other creative decisions made in the first half of season 4 were far less successful. In particular, the set adopts the structure of the jump time, switching between “before” and “now”, in the “before”, a clark and the others in a deserted baseball stadium built a community, and “now”, the clarks lost everything and find yourself clashed with Morgan and other new role. These jumps are ostensibly intended to create tension, but are primarily intended to weaken it and confuse what the show is trying to accomplish.

The ultimate goal of jump time is to expose Madison clark (Kim dickens) as she heroically sacrifices herself to save her community at the ballpark. What’s more, Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) was shot dead early in the season, so the show lost its two original protagonists in just a few episodes.

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead has some major changes, but they may not be enough

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead has some major changes, but they may not be enough

Dylan had demanded his release before filming began on season 4. Dickens was not. Madison’s death felt more like a stunt than an organic narrative choice — a way for new producers to determine a truly new direction by burning down any remnants of the show.

There’s No doubt that the season finale featured Madison’s finale, “No One’s Gone,” which was a very scary episode. These characters all look silly, and Madison’s ability to lure hundreds of zombies with a single flare and then find no exit in a giant ballpark is mind-boggling. Not to mention that the entire shot is shot in a weird slow-motion Mosaic style that makes it nearly impossible to follow the action.

At the end of “no one’s missing,” the clark and Morgan teams sit around a campfire and make a disturbing deal. Which brings us to the midseason premiere of People Like us. The actors broke up again, though they remained friendly. Morgan has already decided that he should return to Alexandria, which might piquant the interest of fans who want a substantial crossover, but since “the walking dead” will have an important time jump before next season, the odds seem low. The idea was to get Morgan talking to everyone, so that the audience would understand the new situation.

The second half of “game of thrones” season 4 had a strange situation. Madison’s death was the last scene of the midseason finale, but because it happened in the past, it’s old news for most of the characters. Heck, some of the new characters have never even met Madison. Nick’s death is new to everyone, even though it happened six episodes ago, and it’s new to the audience, so the new episodes have to deal with how the original cast reacted to the shooting of Nick’s young girl, Charlie.

The results show that the show is still struggling to find itself, and if the first two episodes are any indication, the show will need to establish a balance for the rest of the season. While the show’s low-profile plot, and its choice to focus on characters rather than action, is laudable (and the choice to return to a linear narrative), the results aren’t necessarily exciting. A huge storm separates these characters and allows them to solve their own problems, which is a rote plot design, but at least for now there is no new set of evil humans to threaten our heroes.

“Fear the Walking Dead” spent the first half of the season breaking up the show, with decidedly mixed results. It’s not hard to break things up — the key is to make a show that’s really worth watching. The second half of “game of thrones” seems to be quietly rebuilding, but it remains to be seen whether it will work.

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