Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Better than I Expected


Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Better than I expected. By far. May be best Star Trek TV series.

I have read several of the reviews here and I am now going to add my humble opinion. Is this a perfect show? No. Is it way better than average bordering on spectacular? Hell yeah! I have been reading and watching Science Fiction since 1965. This is by far the best Star Trek show that has been televised. Only TNG comes close. Very well done. Great characters who have depth and motivation. Not perfect, but better than the rest. My only beef is CBS putting this on their BS Streaming service. I only watched these because I got a 3-day trial via Amazon Prime. Binge watched it. Loved it. But that’s just me. Don’t know if I will continue watching, but the nine episodes I have seen were good. Bordering on great. Thank you for you Time.

Compelling characters

Compelling characters, great acting. movie quality special affects and beautifully shot. I was surprised by the story-line and plot twists multiple times. If I had to nitpick something: some of the science seemed less plausible than normal, but it was easy to forgive with everything else being so well done.


Absolutely in love

Absolutely in love with Discovery so far. I’ve been a fan since about ’92 [DS9 is my favorite series so far], and was pretty skeptical about Discovery going in. Mainly because of the release delays and production trouble rumors. The two-episode pilot was good enough [and better now that I’ve gone back and re-watched it] to keep me going, but it was the last few minutes of episode 2 and then the whole of episode 3 that really hooked me.


Great characters

The show is great. And I mean great like, it has greatness. The characters are real and entertaining and well-acted. The story is engaging and fascinating and keeps me wanting more. The production values are phenomenal. Is it hard to reconcile that this is set in the ‘prime’ universe 10 years before the original series? Yes. Do the Klingons look weird? Yes. Are these deal-breakers? Nope. And, honestly, I’m not sure, what with the twists and turns the show is taking, that the prime universe concerns may not at some point be resolved anyway. The Klingons, too, for that matter.


One more thing

One of the things I like best about the show is its unpredictability. Don’t listen to the haters. Give the show a chance and judge for yourself. Great series !!! Would like to see all episodes that have been recorded as of the current date. That would make the show even better. Not having this is what I dislike about how the show is presented by seasons.