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Stranger Things: 6 Reasons Why Eleven & Max Aren’t Real Friends


Stranger Things is a series known for having examples of friendship goals, but Max and Eleven are not actually great friend role models.

The third season of Stranger Things introduced fans to the idea of a friendship between the characters of Eleven and Max. Where previously, the two had had little interaction with each other, in Season 3, they got a whole mall montage showing off their newfound closeness.

However, are the two girls really as friendly as they appear to be? Or is their friendship built on some pretty rocky ground? Max and Eleven might not have as strong a bond between them as you would think. Read on if you want to know why the foundation of Max and Eleven’s friendship was not made to last.

6/6 That First Undercurrent Of Jealousy


When Eleven first saw Max, she was skateboarding around Mike in the school’s gymnasium. Eleven mistakenly thought that Max had replaced her in Mike’s affections. The look of jealousy on Eleven’s face said it all. She was livid. While first impressions aren’t always correct, one never really forgets that feeling you get when you first meet a person. When Eleven first met Max, there was absolutely no goodwill for her in Eleven’s body.

5/6 Terrible Relationship Advice


As a test subject in Hawkins National Laboratory, Eleven did not get a lot of experience in the real world. She is a figurative fish out of water. Max does not help matters by giving Eleven some of the worst relationship advice ever given. Instead of promoting communication between Eleven and Mike, Max insists that Eleven play juvenile games with their relationship. Eleven came to Max with no experience, looking for help in something she didn’t know how to deal with, and Max gave her nothing good in response.

4/6 Major Snub When They First Officially Met


Eleven’s disdain for Max was made totally apparent when they had the chance to greet each other. Max approached Eleven amiably, actually quite eager to meet the person she had heard so much about. Eleven, still riding that wave of distrust and jealousy from her peek in the gymnasium, walked past Max as if she wasn’t there.
She brushed by her and ignored her existence. If any positive feelings toward Eleven were still felt by Max, that was nothing short of a miracle.

3/6 Spending Money As A Form Of Healing


Max is honestly a very cool character. But she gives the worst advice to her supposed friends. In order to distract Eleven from her gloomy thoughts regarding Mike’s dishonesty, Max took her to the mall. Once there, she got Eleven to go on a spending spree. In essence, Max promoted the concept that buying items at a store could mask a person’s despondency. This is an absolutely terrible habit to pick up. We just hope that in Stranger Things’ fourth season, Eleven is not a shopaholic.

2/6 Eleven Is Inconsiderate Of The Dynamics Between Max And Billy


The dynamic between Max and her stepbrother Billy is complex. Both are suffering from hurt feelings from their parents’ actions, and it’s clear that Billy often takes out his anger on Max. However, there is a degree of affection between the two of them. Eleven shows quite a bit of disregard for Max’s relationship with her brother after learning he might be putting the town in danger. Tact is not Eleven’s strong suit. She did not think to soften revelations about Billy’s actions when talking to Max.

1/6 Max Puts Eleven In Danger


As a government experiment gone rogue, Eleven is in danger nearly every time she steps outdoors. If she were to be discovered, she would have to spend the rest of her life on the run. As an intelligent person, Max should know this. She should not have encouraged Eleven to use her abilities in public for silly pranks on people. Not only are these pranks needlessly hurtful, they are also beacons of attention for anyone looking out for Eleven.