StrangerThings Season 1 Review – a nostalgic 80s horror photo straight to your heart

From the walkie-talkie to winona ryder, this new Netflix series is both fun and creepy – if it has neon eyeshadow or glowing fingertips, it’s more like a retro feast

For people who grew up in the early 1980s, that’s usually nothing to say. Food – with the exception of ice magic and space dust – is still rubbish. Eye shadow is neon. We knew in our bones that our clothes were worn out and that our precious time was limited, or else we would look back and cringe at the collective fire.

It was a difficult decade. Still, Netflix’s latest original series, which just released eight full episodes, has one saving grace. Set in 1983, stranger things follows a group of children in Hawkins, indiana, as they search for their friend will. One night will disappeared on his bicycle as he rode home. It gives the audience a sense of nostalgia.
12-year-old protagonist rides his bicycle, tirelessly, like directly from spielberg came out there – especially when they found that at the age of 11, is almost a dumb girl, with big eyes and a strange power, they had to hide her in the basement, she through their example gradually understand what it means to the friendship and loyalty.

StrangerThings Season 1 Review - a nostalgic 80s horror photo straight to your heart

StrangerThings Season 1 Review – a nostalgic 80s horror photo straight to your heart

All she lacked was a glowing fingertip and a swollen chest. Their brother and sister led John; Carpenters, for the most part, as the city’s dark underbelly and government research lab may be born a monster that is gradually emerging, plus a bit of hughes in the lighter moments of romance, along with pretty girl Nancy jock-with-a-heart, who is eager but also sensitive, to misunderstand Jonathan’s boy from the wrong track and the brother’s disappearance.The rest is Stephen king. A faceless, disorganized form of evil spreads across their small land, awakened by blood and teenage sex. It’s being hunted by a vicious doctor, and only telepathy from the impossible can stop it.

“Stranger things” is fun for almost any family, depending on how your teen companion reacts to the occasional bloody scene. Speed (almost) is fast enough to fascinate a young audience, and of any age, remembering that the actual 1983 was another retro-feast cockle-warming ability to compensate for a slightly predictable narrative and explanation of underlying myths. All the necessary components are: ghost forest, the cutting edge of walkie-talkie technology, nosebleeds and violent spiritual efforts, lost spiritual exchanges through power lines and crackles and phonelines, tense walls, desperate hands and faces pushing and screaming, and an ordinary friend’s doomed plot of bloody death promoted.

As will’s mother, Joyce played the queen of the 80s and early 90s, former heather read, in one of the few high-profile roles since the shoplifting incident 15 years ago. There was nothing for her to do, just hysterical grief, and as she tried to speak to her son through the lights, the family and local police kept a watchful eye on her. But ryder takes on these inevitable responsibilities with aplomb, despite wearing the worst wig a human woman has ever seen.

StrangerThings Season 1 Review - a nostalgic 80s horror photo straight to your heart

StrangerThings Season 1 Review – a nostalgic 80s horror photo straight to your heart

So does Matthew Modine, who played The villain in The 1984 film “Birdy and The Hotel New Hampshire. Squinting your eyes and occasionally flashing a chilling smile are enough. His fearsome wig was grey, with only a ghostly shadow of some newborn mullet, just as it ought to be, children.

All the child stars — especially Millie bobby brown’s abandoned former lab rat no. 11 — were so good that they confirmed my theory that area 51 had nothing to do with aliens, but was a place where Hollywood produced teenage protagonists. Like 11 is obviously mental illness from her mother’s womb brenner evil scientists group 12 years ago, so American children are whisked off minutes they can hit a mark Dakota fanning eccentric automation institute of instinct (formerly known as Shirley temple charm school) and a drill in the art of comedy, drama and film to create a mechanism to make the Soviet gymnast hesitated.

Millie Bobby Brown, who looks like both a young Ryder and Wil Wheaton in “Stand by Me,” is also doing her bit for older people’s time. Every time she appears on the screen, the years will roar in your ears.

“” stranger things” “ends with enough tentacles to creep forward, enough to plunge another season into their creepy crawl path. Molly, ally, emilio, Judd, Jennifer, Kevin, Andrew, demi, cusack are all standing next to your phone.

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