Superman & Lois Season 2 Trailer Teases Family Problems Ahead For Clark

Superman & Lois Season 2 Trailer Teases Family Problems Ahead For Clark

A new teaser trailer for The CW’s Superman & Lois season 2 hints at some tough and emotional times ahead for the Man of Steel and his family.

A new trailer for the upcoming Superman & Lois season 2 suggests that tough times are ahead for Clark Kent and his family. Starring Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as the titular pair of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane, the series serves as a spinoff from Supergirl, where both actors made their Arrowverse debut. First announced in 2019, Superman & Lois season 1 premiered in February this year, with the announcement of its season 2 renewal following just weeks after the much-lauded pilot episode aired.

Providing a much more grounded approach to Superman lore, Superman & Lois sees the famous couple relocate to Clark’s hometown of Smallville with their two teenage sons. In between his usual super-heroics, Clark has struggled to keep up with the demands of being a husband and parent to two boys, one of which has begun to develop his own superpowers. Meanwhile, things became even more complicated with the revelation that the villainous Morgan Edge was, in fact, none other than Clark’s own Kryptonian half-brother Tal-Rho.

While the Superman & Lois season 1 finale finally saw Edge/ Tal-Rho defeated with the help of Wolé Parks’ John Henry Irons, a new season 2 trailer released by The CW (via TV Promos) would suggest that Clark’s dramas are only just beginning. Teasing personal issues raised by the arrival of Irons’ daughter Natalie (whose mother was Lois Lane in an alternate universe), the new season also hints at Clark facing a crisis of conscience. It seems he will need to balance demands being placed upon him by the US government with his obligations to the planet as a whole. Check out the new trailer below:

Much of the appeal of Superman & Lois season 1 has been the focus on Clark and Lois’s family dynamics, and from this latest trailer, it seems this trend will continue. Clark’s decision to move his family to Smallville following the death of his mother was the source of much consternation for his son Jonathon. Meanwhile, Jordan’s emerging powers placed a great deal of stress on both of his parents. With Natalie appearing from her alternate universe in the final moments of the season 1 finale, it seems whatever balance the Kents were able to achieve throughout Superman & Lois season 1 has now been irrevocably thrown off balance.

Adding to Clark’s strain is the continued struggle he faces in attempting to serve all of humanity, while the US Government attempts to control him and his abilities. With Lois’ own father General Sam Lane deeply involved in many of those efforts, the boundaries between Clark’s personal life and duties as Superman are inevitably bound to blur and cause even more problems for the already troubled Man of Steel. While Clark may have superhuman abilities, it would seem that his emotions are still fallible and all-too-human, and Superman & Lois season 2 will prove that Superman has much more to worry about than Tal-Rho’s attempts of Kryptonian conquest.


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