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Supernatural Season 14 DVD Release Date Australia

Supernatural Season 14 DVD Release Date Australia

The Supernatural Season 14 finale ratings are in and they’re mixed. It really doesn’t matter in terms of the future of the show, but it would have been nice to end on a high!

Supernatural Season 14 on DVDs now with DVDSHELF. It was met with mixed opinions — some of us still not quite sure how to feel about the episode. Now the Supernatural Season 14 finale ratings are in and they’re mixed.

Of course, the ratings don’t matter right now. They have no effect on the future of the series and I don’t think they’ll have an effect on the placement of the show in the fall lineup. The series remains the second most popular show on the network by a considerable amount. The total audience average is up from third place Supergirl by 14% and the average demo is up from third place Riverdale by 9%. Why would The CW knock it to another night?


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However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want good ratings for the finale, right? There’s always the hope that the show will end on a high. While the total audience ended up, the demo was down. The total audience saw a 2% boost to 1.311 million viewers. The demo’s decrease of 14% (off the back of the decrease last week) took it to a joint season low.

These are just preliminary figures and they’re for the Live + Same Day ratings. There are still some time zone adjustments to make and the ratings won’t include those who watch through the CW app the next day or over the course of the next week.

Since The CW shows end up on Netflix eight days after the finale, there will be some waiting for that, too. So, we’ll likely find out that the ratings jump up when all other figures are taken into account.

While it’s disappointing to end on a low note, it’s nothing to worry about. Supernatural Season 15 is happening (it will be the last) and it will likely keep its Thursday night timeslot.

Supernatural Season 14 DVD Release Date Australia

30 best Supernatural episodes

Supernatural may be going into Season 14, but there are 287 episodes already showing us the love, devotion, and co-dependency of the Winchester brothers. Some episodes are certainly better than others and here are the 30 best Supernatural episodes of all time (so far).

Can you believe Supernatural is hitting its 300th episode later this season? That episode will be Season 14, Episode 13, which will likely air sometime in 2019. However, there are currently 287 episodes for fans to sink their teeth in. Certainly, some of those episodes are better than others.

We’ve watched the Winchesters start off on their search for John. Along the way, we’ve watched them stop vengeful spirits, creatures from North American mythology, Pagan gods, angels, demons, and so much more. We’ve laughed, cried, screamed, and shouted along with them (and sometimes at them).

Fans have created videos, artwork, and fanfiction to tell stories. For the most part, the SPN Family is a positive space–of course, there’s always a handful of people there to ruin the fun for others, but that’s the case with all families, right? Wait; is that just mine?–and there are conventions regularly spaced throughout the year for fans to meet the actors and other fans of the show.

When it comes to the episodes, there’s always one each season that stands out. Some seasons have far more and it can become difficult to choose which ones to watch.

Here’s a rundown of the 30 best Supernatural episodes ever to air; the ones that you’ll always keep watching.

Supernatural Season 14 DVD Release Date Australia