Ten Days in the Valley Official Trailer

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Welcome back to ABC, Mr. Eko.
Kyra Sedgewick is The Closer!
She looks like a grandmother, not a mother
I miss the southern accent hahahaha
Moral of the story: Cops are always corrupt, never trust them, ever.
The song, please?! Or is just for the trailer?
Kyra Sedgewick is uniquely a good actress and hot, too bad about the Affirmative Action casting, but Kyra can make it work I’m sure….
Cooperate god dammit … hehe ..
This looks so good
CAN she go away. I realize she’s the breadwinner but her southern accent in that mouth always eating candy. Thank g-d because her replacement is better. G-d there’s a reason her and her husband and kiefer Sutherland can’t keep work. It’s time to make your line of diy
good plot with lot of twists and turns….watched it on hulu. wonder why it flopped? may be the timing of when it aired or its title?
When is it coming out
im guessing this is the teaser for the remake of God’s gift 14 days ?
I’ve been waiting for this teaser actually and well I hope they do the original korean one some justice
like this, good stuff.
looks tacky..pass
I can’t wait 😊
This trailer really peeked my interest. And I do not watch ABC shows. I will be now. Dope concept
Looks good, must watch
How many episodes is it going to have?

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