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The Americans Season 6 Finale Review

This finale was pretty much the epitome of The Americans. Tense, subtle, understated, and incredibly heart-wrenching. Was honestly tearing up at several parts (the garage confrontation with Stan, Paige being unable to say goodbye to Henry, Elizabeth seeing that Paige got off the train, ….). Oleg’s fate is very tragic as well. Stan will never be able to trust ever again, and we the audience will be left wondering about Renee forever… just like Stan. Whether she is a spy or not, his suspicions will eat him alive and probably doom the marriage. Plus he’s literally lost his only friends aside from Aderholt. At least he has Henry, who will need him, because now he’s going to be traumatized too. His whole life was a lie, the last time he ever saw his parents was when they bailed on him on Thanksgiving weekend, and now he’ll never get to confront them. For a finale that didn’t involve any deaths or arrests, it was still pretty devastating. Overall I think this is one of the greatest series of all time, and I can’t wait to re-watch it as a 75-hour televised novel.

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