The Bold Type Season 1 Official Trailer Freeform

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Who puts Beyoncé on hold
all I see is Jan from the office
i have no idea why there are so many negative comments.
I liked this tv show: it isn’t just a show about three young women living their lives and having fun, it brings up such issues as islamophobia and rape, inequality and shows us that no one’s life is perfect. it can suck sometimes, but we must stay strong (or cry and show our emotions, and then decide what to do next)
I don’t regret a minute spent watching this show
Ok I just bingewatch this show and it was freaking amazing and even inspiring.! The actors, storyline, wardrobe and the soundrack omg everything is on point! Cant believe ive just found this show last week. So underated, please make better video promotions on youtube and social media, because the show really is a true gem it deserves more recognition!
Karma from faking it! and Beth from Chasing Life!!!
I came solely for the comment section.
I just want everyone to know this trailer does not do the show justice… like at all. It doesn’t grasp what this show really is about. Give it a chance. I did and I loved it
This is basically Buzzfeed(Boldly) the show and that’s not a good thing
Freeform keeps coming out with stuff like this. I love and hate it at the same time
I love love love love this show! 💜 #RenewTheBoldType
I’m really not into the whole feminism thing but I was bored so thought I’d watch the first episode. It’s surprisingly really enjoyable. They really pitched the trailer wrong.
i can’t believe they put ‘Blackpink’ song in the first episode awesome.
I’m so glad that I wasn’t discouraged by all the many negative comments here and gave this show a chance!!! The trailer doesn’t really give it justice. I’m sure it isn’t for everybody, and I respect that, but I loved it❤️

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