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Shiva Saran:
History, pure British English, drama and Factual Information about (Constitutional) Monarchy.
That's all the things that one can learn from this series.
Marvellous Casting, fabulous acting, exceptional writting, astounding cinematography, and an emotional and apposite background score by a prodigy of Hans Zimmer.
The amount minute (background) details showcased is incomprehensible.
My fascination for the Royal Family just grows deeper.
One of the best shows so far that I have watched.

Rucha Gavaskar:
It's my favourite serial and an amazing period drama. Claire foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby ate stunning. Gives us a greater insight into the scandalous lives of our beloved royals. Also shows us how strong HM Queen Elizabeth is. Gorgeous sets, stunning score, fantabulous acting , all make this period drama magnificent. can’t wait for season 3. and the season when they’ll finally reach the story line of our beloved HRH Princess Diana.

Kailash Nath Gupta:
Well, I am a student of History. But text books tell you what they are asked to tell . This series tells us what is below the veneer. The truth , which can be conveniently told , has been told in this series. And told very well . Performances are all outstanding . The eye for details is really hawkish . You see three white hairs in the Nostril of Churchill!! To that extent the details have been captured . And so engrossing really . The actors ( even the castle owner who wants to sell it , gift it ) are all wonderful . Even the Horses chosen are Majestic. Vow. Great. Not enjoyed a series as much as this , after Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister series! Really Impressive! Bravo to all actors , Director/ and Casting Director ! You all deserve the highest awards . Every inch of it . Money’s worth really. Hats Off !

Makrand Sanap:
I am in no way fan or admirer of pommies. These suckers have ruled and leached the worlds most of wealth. Having said this, I do not necessarily hates the Brits.
After seeing this in imdb top 250 i decided to give S01 a go. To my surprise the show is quite a piece of work. Very well made. All the minute details are captured. It goes beyond what regular course history books tells you. In doing that, makers did not manipulated anyones image. I think it's a must watch. Specifically for all the cinematography.