The Matrix Resurrections Honest Trailer Criticizes Every Aspect Of The Movie

The Matrix Resurrections Honest Trailer Criticizes Every Aspect Of The Movie

The Matrix Resurrections Honest Trailer lampoons everything from the film’s overly meta-story and characters to the “quick cut garbage fighting.”

The new Honest Trailer sets its sights on The Matrix Resurrections. The Matrix Resurrections is co-written and directed by Lana Wachowski, who returns to the franchise she started with her sister in 1999. Keanu Reeves returns to the role of Neo, the savior of the human race in the fight against machines. He is joined by fellow returning castmates Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith and new actors Neil Patrick Harris, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Jessica Henwick.

The meta-story sees Neo back in the Matrix, once again in the life of Thomas Anderson. This time around, Anderson has created a trilogy of video games, which contain the events of the first three Matrix films. When he learns Warner Bros is making a fourth game with or without him, he’s forced to take the reigns. However, Anderson also believes he is losing his mind when Henwick’s Bugs shows up to free him from his mental prison. Once free, Neo knows he needs to free Trinity, setting in motion the action-packed events that are again backed by symbolic meaning.

The newest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies sees The Matrix Resurrections plot torn down to a mere commentary on simply making the fourth film in the first place. As the film discusses Warner Bros. making a fourth Matrix game with or without Anderson’s involvement, one can’t help but see how Wachowski is likely taking a shot at WB for forcing her hand with the sequel. As any proper Honest Trailer would, they don’t let it lie, asking whether they take the blue pill to reboot the Matrix with Tom Holland as Neo, or take the red pill and see “how far up its own ass the story can go.” Check out the Honest Trailer below:

As the trailer highlights characters discussing reboots and remakes, it’s noted that The Matrix Resurrections “attempts the rare reverse double mind f**k,” as the film sees a character being forced to make a trilogy follow-up while the audience is watching the forced follow-up of a trilogy that ends up just being reality. The trailer then lambasts The Matrix’s bullet-time by saying they tried to adapt the feature to avoid criticism, followed by Neo dodging words like “cash grab” and “unnecessary.”

While the Honest Trailer boils the original trilogy down to Neo becoming “computer Jesus,” it points out that The Matrix was always really about “taking unlabeled pills then risking it all to impress a girl you met online.” While the nature of The Matrix Resurrections story has seen fans divided over the quality of the film, even the most die-hard fans can enjoy the laughs highlighted in the Honest Trailers lampooning.