Timeless Season 1 Villain Is Teaming Up With The Heroes

Timeless Season 1 Villain Is Teaming Up With The Heroes

The heroes of Timeless may have to form an “uneasy alliance” with Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić) when season 2 of Timeless premieres on Sunday.

The heroes of Timeless will be joining forces with Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić), the main antagonist of season 1, as the battle with Rittenhouse continues in season 2. In the season 1 finale, we learned that one of the key members of the evil organization is Lucy’s mother, Carol, played by Arrow’s Susanna Thompson.

NBC’s Timeless follows a unlikely trio who have to travel through various points in the timeline to prevent important moments in history from being undone. After a 13-episode first season, the series was cancelled in May. Much to the delight of fans, Timeless was renewed by NBC three days later for a ten-episode second season.

The stars of Timeless talked with TV Line about some of the show’s upcoming storylines, including the budding romance between Wyatt (Matt Lanter) and Lucy (Abigail Spencer). Now that Wyatt has accepted that he can’t save his wife, the character is willing to move on and may possibly pursue a relationship with Lucy. Also, Garcia Flynn, who the team the spent all season trying to defeat, will be fighting on a different side when Timeless returns, according to Goran Višnjić:

“Some friendships – or maybe that’s too big of a word – some uneasy alliances might be created, and they might be fighting the same enemy.”

Timeless Season 1 Villain Is Teaming Up With The Heroes

Timeless Season 1 Villain Is Teaming Up With The Heroes

The news is an interesting development for the team’s dynamic, as his actions throughout season 1 will likely divide the main characters over whether or not he can be trusted. Though the team had been forced to work with Flynn on occasion, the events of the season 1 finale may make a team-up more difficult to happen. After being betrayed by Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Flynn was arrested.

Abigail Spencer says that season 2 will begin with the crew wondering if Lucy has thrown in with Rittenhouse. Wyatt and Rufus will go on a mission to get Lucy back, while hoping that she hasn’t gone over to “the dark side”. It’s possible that finding Lucy will require that they get Flynn out of incarceration. Flynn was spotted in prison in the season 2 trailer.

It remains to be see if Lucy’s mother will prove to be even more evil than Flynn. Spencer adds that Lucy will be joining Carol and Emma (Anna Wersching) for Timeless’ first all-female time-travel adventure in World War I. It’s unclear if Lucy will be helping them against her will. Wyatt and Rufus may need Flynn’s help to stop them from destroying history. Despite Flynn’s past transgressions, the villain has been committed to the cause of eliminating Rittenhouse, so in this case, he could be a key ally going forward.


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