Timeless Season 1 official trailer NBC

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this looks pretty damn cool….
I’m from the future and again NBC cancelled a good show.
well it’s in NBC so I’ll give it a year tops before it gets cancelled
I think I’m in love 😍 when does the show start???
It’s a copy of a spanish serie called “The Ministry of Time” I’m spanish and I watch this serie because it’s amazing and the actors/actresses are awesome. They have recived lots of awards here in Spain. I think that this american serie is horrible.
This is the best Show ever
what a great show
Looks Good it seems like the show 11.22.63 , Is this a movie or a show?
Timeless is a crude copy of “The Ministry of Time”.
Is that Shantel VanSanten in thumbnail?
That booty spivot tho
Is this a remake of the 7 days serie?
Idiot story, idiot scenery for idiots viewers!
Lets don’t mind that, time is not a physical absolute value, BUT is a variable subjective perception, so because life means that everything evolves varying continuously, there is not a “place” “where” or “when”, your frames are playing delayed, or in a future time that does not exist yet, means that “time – voyages” are impossible as an utopia.
ALL THIS MEANS THE TIME-SPACE CONCEPT ABLE TO BE RE-CURVED, IS ALL TO RE- EXAMINE AS ABSURD. It’s imaginary model was created only for teaching purposes, exactly as the Bohr’s atomic model containing, the never scanned in-existing Neutrons only because their fictional “presence” matches the mathematical atomic values equation as correct.
because the series is “science” fiction (we love science fiction), lets think only the stupid scenario.
If the storyboard starts in present time and you have to correct actions of a present person who escapes with the time machine today i.e. at 12:00 o clock due to modify the past….

Why you don’t go directly in the immediate past at 10:00 o clock two ours before, instruct the security forces so they wait for him in the exact point he comes an arrest, or kill him??? why???
the answer is simple: because this simple logic scenario ends in one episode.
No more episodes, no other seasons, no much money!

“Not yet, but you will”
Nice quote

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