Timeless Season 2 Trailer Gives The Team A New Mission & A New Enemy

NBC drops a new trailer for season 2 of its sci-fi fan-favorite Timeless, which teases a new mission and a new enemy awaiting the team.

Get ready for a new mission to save history with the trailer for season 2 of NBC’s Timeless. The series from Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke epitomized the term “fan favorite” after a passionate outcry from viewers saw it renewed for a second season just days after the powers that be at NBC announced it had been axed following the season 1 finale. While that sort of outpouring of support on social media isn’t terribly uncommon following the cancelation of a TV series, the rather dramatic reversal of fortune is. As such, the peacock network is giving its time travel series a better chance at success by putting it on a new night next month, while giving the team a new mission and a new enemy to combat.

The promise of a new mission and adversary isn’t going to change the formula, though, as the series still has the versatile Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, as well as Matt Lanter running through the time stream in an effort to save history from those who wish to change the past to suit their own means. Season 1 brought the crew of Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt to plenty of different eras in an effort to stop Goran Višnjić’s Garcia Flynn from carrying out his mission and from the looks of things, Timeless season 2 won’t be straying too far from that formula.

The new trailer (or batch of trailers) plays up much of what fans liked about the first season; namely, dropping the characters into difficult situations in the past, letting them play dress-up, and teasing romance between Lucy and Wyatt. Not one to disappoint its audience (twice), NBC doesn’t play coy with the latter, showing the two in a full lip-lock mere seconds into the first trailer. If that doesn’t get shippers tuning in, then nothing will.

Timeless Season 2 Trailer Gives The Team A New Mission & A New Enemy

Timeless Season 2 Trailer Gives The Team A New Mission & A New Enemy

Obviously NBC is hoping for a bigger audience this time around as the first season initially didn’t impress enough for the network to want to move forward with more. The move to Sunday night might be the right choice, especially now that the NFL season has concluded and HBO is currently running its line-up of Here and Now, Crashing, and Divorce. With Starz’ superb Counterpart and season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead to contend with in terms of genre fare on the typically crowded evening, Timeless stands a chance at bringing plenty of eyeballs to the broadcast network on a night that typically belongs to cable and premium channels.

With any luck, the passionate fans that convinced NBC it was wrong to cancel the show will tune in live for the new season, so they don’t have to man the battle stations and save the series again should Timeless season 2 fail to bring in huge ratings.


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