Top 10 “Saved by the Bell” Moments

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Who else watches the “Zack Morris is Trash” series?
Remember when Lisa and Zach dated for that one episode and it was never mentioned or talked about ever again😒
Zach and Slater’s fight was bound to happen. They’re buddies, but they also had some unresolved built up tension. *On a side note, 😏 Slater still beat his ass 😂👊
Zack Morris is trash
YESSS! The Snow White Episode was the BESTTT💕
Someone else said it. I’ll say it again.
🎶Zack Morris is traa~aash🎵
Loved saved by the bell have all the DVDs even the wedding movie.
What about when Zack, Screech, and Slater sung barbra ann?
Zack Morris is trash!
My top moments, The ICONIC, There’s no hope with dope episode and I’m so excited! I’m so scared! 😂
The Snow White and seven dorks has to be the funniest episode, along with five aces. I missed these types of comedy tv shows.
I watched every single episode and I still watch the reruns every weekend! I was so in love with Zack, lol 😂
RIP Becky the duck.
I watched it religiously growing up. Now we have it on DVD and my daughter enjoys it. One of a kind classic.
Do one for Family Matters!
sings “Zack Morris is trash!” (Funny Or Die). ;p
Pot isn’t bad for you. You just aren’t allowed to smoke it during your teen years.
No chewing gum in class, mr Morris!
awe i love saved by the bell.
Saved By The Bell was Saturday morning, not after school
Hey can you do top 10 Nathan and Haley moments from one tree hill?
Best show during my child hood!!
I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so scared.

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