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Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series

Audience reviews for Twin Peaks DVD

Feeling ,which one experiences while watching this whole series is like 10 times the feeling which one could get after watching movie likeINCEPTION.Maybe david lynch is better than christopher nolan .
Watching this is just like solving a puzzle with lots of solution but difficult to answer any with surety .
Want to get trapped forever till your death with question “who actually killed Laura palmer?” ,Then watch this series

A true masterpiece. David Lynch takes Television to another dimension. Twin Peaks is easy to get indulged in, while hard to get out of… Praise to the surrealist of modern world.

Packed with complex world building, a memorable score and a fantastic performance by Kyle MacLachlan, Twin Peaks is groundbreaking television from David Lynch.

After watching you would realise that Lynch is the best thing ever happened to television.