Where can I watch blood and treasure Season 1?

Where can I watch blood and treasure Season 1?

Currently you are able to watch ‘Blood & Treasure – Season 1’ on DVD from dvdshelf.com.au


An antiquities expert teams up with an art thief to catch a terrorist who funds his attacks using stolen artifacts.

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I love movies like Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Lara Croft, The Librarian, Davinci Code etc. I find the idea of a tv show that includes art, archaelogy etc appealing. But this show doesnt know what it wants to be. Too many ideas crammed together and the constant flipping back & forth to flashbacks is horrible. They’ve tried to show the female thief as some independant empowered woman but she comes off as arrogant with unreal physical skills. The show could learn something from “White Collar” where the thief was so charismatic & the ensemble cast had great chemistry.

UPDATE: 7/14/19 I went back & watched more after the pilot episodes. The frequent flashbacks are not chronological & can be confusing at times. Like reading a Dan Brown novel, scenes alternate frequently from our two main characters activities to the other government agencies/terrorists. But Im a sucker for mystery & overall the show gets better & deserves a 2nd chance. After the 2 part pilot it finds its flow & I grew to like it. A simple action/adventure series thats fun to watch without having to think so hard or be subjected to graphic scenes. I look forward to Season 2.

Enjoyable summer series

This is an entertaining throwback to the Indiana Jones type spoof of 40’s adventure capers. The plots work for a weekly hour long show…. you can’t expect it to be too serious, or even accurate historically to work as a summer escape genre. Acting is decent and believable, dialog clever on occasion….. it’s fun viewing.

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